NRL 2020

Well the season kicked off tonight and in a low scoring slug my Eels scored the only try and ran out 8-2 winners over the Dogs.

Lucky try, What was the penalty count as the bulldogs seemed to get plenty.

Last I saw the stats it was 7-6 but the Dogs gave up a couple of late penalties so probably 9-6

Comebacks on.



Eels wallop the Titans to go top of the ladder but like the AFL I’m not at all comfortable with these blokes playing on and I wonder how long before they decide to do the right things and call it quits


"But this health crisis in our community has highlighted the mismanagement of the code over many years. Nine has invested hundreds of millions in this game over decades and we now find they have profoundly wasted those funds with very little to fall back on to support the clubs, the players and supporters.

“In the past the NRL have had problems and we’ve bailed them out many times including a $50m loan to support clubs when the last contract was signed.

“It would now appear that much of that has been squandered by a bloated head office completely ignoring the needs of the clubs, players and supporters."

‘Bloated Head Office’

Good thing the AFL hasn’t fallen victim to this thinking.

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Geez 9 went to town on them. Rightly so too, where the crap has that level of money gone?

Good first half, probably should have had a bit more to show for it though

Cop that Broncos scum

■■■■ game but great to watch live sport . Broncos are trash

Always good to beat them. We looked really slick but coughed up the ball a bit too much. Really should’ve won by more

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Glorious seeing the Chooks dismantle the Bunnies

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Storm looked very ordinary tonight. Looked completely unprepared and made too many errors

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Very ordinary.
I’m not so bothered about the incomplete sets.
They never looked like breaking the Raiders open. Never looked like they had any sort of plan to get over the line.
It was pretty dumb stuff.

Green Machine 3-0!!

Raiders are a pretty slick outfit. My Chooks were lucky to get over the top of them last year in the GF

Amazed Channel 9 are still burying NRL on 9GEM in Vic in favour of “The Voice” (probably replays, but who cares) when it’s literally the only live sport on.

Would have thought that was the biggest no brainer going around.

Yeah it’s strange as some of the ratings coming through have been off the charts