NSW Bombers Pregame drinks tomorrow night

Hey fellow Blitzers
Just putting it out there that the NSW Bombers are all getting together from 5pm tomorrow arvo @ PJ’s pub in the entertainment quarter MOORE PARK next door to SCG
All Bombers welcome & there should be plenty of room as Shitney supporters tend not to show up when they’re not winning
For us long suffering NSW Bombers we haven’t seen us win up here since 2009 - we are so overdue and hoping our boys bring it
Hope to see plenty red & black there
Go Bombers :red_circle::bomb::red_circle::bomb:


Who’s got first dew spray sentry duty?

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If our flight gets in on time I might pop by, going to be a pretty tight schedule as it is though

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Sucks, been here this week for work without considering the bombers and victory games

Rip me