NSW Bombers Pregame gathering Round One v GWS

Hey fellow Blitzers

Just letting anyone know who’s making the trip to the game next Sunday that the NSW Bombers Supporters club is gathering from midday @ the Abattoir Blues Bar - C1 Herb Elliott Ave Olympic Park
This place is pretty much across the road from the train station and about 10mins walk to the ground
Hope to see as many EFC faithful there as possible

If we don’t see you there we normally congregate at the northern end of the ground under the large scoreboard on the concourse
Just follow the noise & chants

Go Bombers


I’m flying back from overseas for this.


I’ll shout you a beer Dave if you make it back

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Sounds like if @wasaharvsfanasakid and @theDJR will be there we will have the bigger crowd. Hope the hot chips are good and if there is boomeranging competition at half time may they fly true.

and Go bombers


Hopefully will see you there mate.

I’m flying up for it mate. Will try to pop in pre-game for a bev :+1:


Hopefully see you guys there


I’ll try and pop in too.


See you there, one week away I can’t fuggin wait.

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There goes the neighbourhood. :grinning:


Yeah but it is only the wasteland that is Olympic Park so …

And one of the buildings is already crumbling

See yas there!


I’m leaving the wife at home this time and coming by myself (possibly with 1 kid) so I’d love to meet some fellow Blitzers.


Will be heading up there so will likely drop in for a while.

Do any of the locals on here know the best spot to get a taxi after the game? Heading straight back to the airport.

Almost better getting on one of the city bound trains to get out of Olympic Park
But if that’s not what you want IIRC there’s a taxi rank on the eastern side of the Novotel tho


Cheers, thanks for the tip. Novotel doesn’t look like a far walk from the ground.

I’m doing the same. Pesky Virgin moved my flight from 9pm to 8pm and I have to check in baggage, so no celebratory drinks for me…

Ouch. We’re 8.15 on Qantas. Google maps says 30-60 minutes to the airport.
Will settle for a couple of quick ones in the airport bar if there in plenty of time.

Does anybody know about the seating at Spotless?

I was looking at the ticketmaster website which has general admission tickets @$25. The stadium image indicates these are behind the goals. I prefer sitting on the wing but these tickets are $69.

Any game I’ve seen on TV out in the West of Sydney is fairly empty.

Is there any reason that you can’t but the cheap $25 tickets then just move to anywhere that there are empty seats?

cheers in advance for any advice for this bomber loving cheapskate.

I am from Sydney - I have never tried this but I also have thought about doing it. And absolutely I think you could.

But the place to be as a Bombers supporter is northern end behind goals!