NSW Bombers pregame Vs GWS

Hey Blitzers
I’ve been asked to pass in this info to anyone who’s thinking of getting along to this Saturdays game vs Spike & Jim’s Giants
Our NSW Bombers Prez has arranged for a pre match get together from 11am at the Abattoir Blues Bar which is about 50m walk from the Olympic Park railway station
Word is that a lanky ranga with Inspector Gadget like limbs will be in attendance along some some “old probably tarnished by now desperately in need of a brand new one” 2000 Premiership Cup

Hope to catch up with any fellow Blitzers for a pre game frothie


Thanks for that ill be there for sure


I would be keen to come but I’m going with the family. Might be a struggle to convince the wife that I should drag her and the kids to a pub pre game.


Having been there a few times before (actually only before Bombers game vs GWS) I’d probably describe the venue as less of a pub ……