Stringer 5

Smith 4

Saad 42


5- Dyson Heppell


Was just writing
5 heppell


Jonovdp and kingofthehill…

Report for torture


Still upset that we passed on his best mate. Those two together had chemistry.


Stringer will def go #5 now I think especially he wore 7 at Bendigo and 9 at the kennell, would’ve liked to see McKenna get the upgrade

Smith 4 Stringer 5 Saad 42 as posted by someone earlier


4 Smith
5 Stringer
20 Saad


4 Smith
5 McKenna
39 Stringer
42 Saad


4: Stringer
5: McKenna
20: Smith
42: Saad


21- Dyson Heppell


I think we should ask Jobe who he would pass 4 onto and go with that (assuming they accept it) - I think he will go Saad

I would go Smith with 5 - I think Stringer should avoid the number with this history and think Dev seems like he has the confidence to make the number his own

Assuming Jerret leaves I think 20 is a good number for Stringer and double digits would look good on the back of the package - good to give him a number with no recent history

I would only offer McKenna an upgrade and I would offer him 31 (checking that Fletch is ok)

Leave everyone else


I can’t believe this hasn’t been mentioned yet, but it’s obvious Stringer should get 17.


You mean your puns?


Maybe we should abandon generations of tradition and “romance” and use the Rugby approach of wearing the number allocated to your starting position in the named team.

(*ducks, swerves, shimmies and runs away)


Of course


Remember 24-Stanton?


Stringer gets 5 I reckon.

Would be excellent for future marketing, “5tringer”.

Smith 4
Saad 42


This is how it might well play out I think. Would like to see McKenna get 4 though.

Still, best wait to see if any other players get the Tijuana and what other numbers become available.


I like the idea of Saad getting #24, since it is an upgrade to 42 but also has a link in being the inverse. Plus it’s been awhile since we’ve really seen it out on the park. And I like the Misiti connection.

This is an interesting one because #4 and #5 are both pretty important… while our key recruits seem to be the most logical choices for them, I admit to maybe feeling like those numbers would be better suited to players we drafted and developed ourselves. I don’t think #5 would have quite the same meaning to me if we gave it to a player we traded for.


It’s going to be a tough sell trying to include Stringer in any marketing given his recent negative publicity. Might have to wait until after he helps us win a premiership… or two.