I can see 5 in Mutch’s future. It would suit him.


As I said in the stringer thread:

But generally, I don’t think #5 should be given to someone just joining the club.


Whereas I don’t see that #5 should get special treatment.

It wasn’t special when Gary Crouch and Gary Parkes were running around in it in the 70’s…

1, 3, 7, 10, 23, 27 and 32 have just as many claims as 5.


You forgot 30!


Then just assign the numbers in the same way as last year - in order that we got the players. Then Smith gets #4, Saad gets #5, and Stringer gets the next number available, #48 the next one after that, and so on.


That’s only for the draft…imports and number elevations get given numbers (probably their own choice) before that…that’s the way it’s happened in Woosha’s time.


Did that happen for Stewart and Green last year?


Well, they took 15 and 17 which were available, as were 1, 14, 16, 19, 37, 38, 41

The year before we added Leuenberger who took 22 and Bird took 24. Raz changed to 13 and Cooney to 17.
Then in order Parish, Francis, Morgan, Redman, Brown, Hartley

Both of those years fit my theory exactly. Hardly mathematical induction, but reasonably compelling.


Special to me, Gary Parkes was a good mate and a very good footballer. His nickname was Sambo, not really politically correct here days.


He was swarthy, wasn’t he?

As was Kevin Egan…Midnight.


should go in order of speed they can run both ways. Fastest is 4 the 5 etc etc


I wonder if Stringer would take a lower number this year in the hope of getting #9 after Goddard quits.


Yeah I quite like this idea, maybe 35 for one year and then into 9 if he wanted to retain his old number


The Goddard speak has got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be cool to give BJ #5 for a year until someone steps up to take it off him.

Would be a wonderful gesture to his leadership at our club through a really tough time.


Only cool if BJ wanted it. Which he may not.

I like the idea of Stringer in 5. Might motivate him a bit more.

Not sure about giving 4 away yet


Also those players with 3,4,5 etc made their names in it, giving it once someone is great is a cop out.


Very unlikely BJ would change numbers. He does a bit of marketing with his name and number, boots, twitter handle and the like.

Stringer will get 5, we all know it. I feel it in me waters.






A bit more than what?

How/why is it thought he needs any more motivation, than simply donning the red sash?