hey man, being in the top 8 friends was a big f#ckin deal back in the day. it was a position of privilege


Andy: “I don’t believe at all about the 2nd year blues, Im stronger and fitter and ready to improve.”



Saad confirmed to #1



Has McGraths number been announced?


Wait I read that wrong. Maybe not


Depends on what Saad wants…42 or the next number available

But based on recent trends
4 - Smith
5 - Stringer
24 - Houlahan
25 - Zerk-Thatcher
35 - Guelfi
42 - Saad
39 - rookie selection

This assumes no player will ask for a number change


I would love to see Stringer in the 5.

Still can’t believe he plays for us now.


The reality is Stringer will not get 5 first up. Why would he on the back of his “behaviour” at the Dogs. I think Jake needs to get his '■■■■" together earn the respect of his new environment before anything is handed to him. 12 months time then !!


He may not get 5 but I doubt they will give him a number and then review in 12 months.

Whatever number he gets will be his for good.


Gut instinct says McGrath will move to 5. He wore it at Sandringham & a year of school footy. He’s also a future leader so there’s my 2+2=5.


We’ll find out what reality is in a week or so


Moving from 1 to 5 seems ridiculous

If none of our incoming trades are seen to be worthy of 5 just hang onto it.

Can be used as additional selling point for a possible incoming free agency star next year


By which point it will be 11 years since Hird last played.

It’s not preparing for sainthood. It’s giving someone a number worn by Gary Crouch, David Shaw and Bob Suter.


If it was good enough for Hird to nominate Stants for No5, why not ask Stants who should get it?


Agree I don’t see why not


Be a nice idea for both Stants and Jobe to nominate who gets 4 & 5, as long as the players don’t feel obligated to accept. Some guys might be attached to the number they already have.
Stringer getting 5 wouldn’t bother me. I’d like McKenna to end up with 4, but could see it going to Smith.
The new draftees will get what’s left, in draft order, as has been the case the past two years.


Hearing jobe has personally given langford #4


Symbolism in so many ways.


From where?


The captain will get 5.

4- McKenna
21- Saad
24 - Smith
25- Stringer

Then the rest.