Heppell to 5?


Its been mentioned in a few places. Would be awesome if true.


Perhaps it’d be good for his confidence and if that’s the case hopefully it triggers something, because it’s certainly not on the back of output


Well if it’s true, that Jobe has given it to him, perhaps the great man recognises Kyle’s potential.


It’s quite obvious to many that Langford will be a very good midfielder despite the many doubters. Have never understood the impatience and pessimism around the bloke.


The coaches told Langford he’d be Jobes replacement in 2018 and to work on his midfield craft in 2’s in readiness.

The number swap makes sense.

As others noted should hopefully give him that confidence to really take that role with both hands.

Fire uppp Langgg.


Yep. Lang in 4. LIKE.


And you know what? Let’s give LAV #5. Would LOVE that.


Let’s hope wearing the number 4 is contagious! Go Langer’s.


Houlahan 31
Bezerk 35
Guelfi straight into 40.
Rookie draft 42.



As I said before Langford will get the number 4.

I expect Stringer to get 5.

Smith will suit 24.

Saad 42.

Houlahan will get 30.
Zerk will get 25 - put him next to Hooker and learn.
Guelfi will get 39 or 40


I’d prefer McKenna in 25, he needs a number upgrade


I think he will get 9 post BJ.


Good luck to Stringer. I hope he can be a superstar for our club. But no. 5? Really?

Terry Daniher
James Hird
Brent Stanton.

3 the finest, hardest working proffesionals you could get. Stringer doesn’t deserve to be recognised with these 3 players, at this stage.

Dyson Heppell deserves it.


Heppell won’t be changing numbers. He’s made his mark in the 21. He will stay in the 21.


Like Stanton with 24


Excuse me, I’m wrapped to have Stringer at the club, but he has a lot to prove to the club first well before he is given the best number in club history


So much this.

I’m all for given potential kids important numbers like we did Francis but not controversial recruits. Think they need to earn it a bit more.


You know the players make the # not the other way around right?


Yep, a hashtag never won a Brownlow - though fat Eddie still thinks it should have.