Club history since 1978, you mean.


Reckon 3 or 10 may argue


Or 1 or 7 or 30.


Did he win Mark of the Year, though?


Not sure 30 is quite in the same class. Geoff Leek was a great servant, but pretty much a one-dimensional ruckman. I’d have John Birt’s 11 ahead of him, or 25 due to Graham Moss, big Rog and Scott Lucas, or 18 with Vander, Reg Burgess, Greg Brown and Lloydy


Please don’t give 25 to a kid just drafted. That number once loved has turned to ■■■■■ recently.


Poor old morgs


I don’t like this at all but it actually makes sense, kinda

Jobe and Langford. One of them was an underachieving, lazy, laconic player in his first few years. And the other one is Langford.


Stringer will earn it the first game.


Going on the stringer thread, did you change your mind in a few hours over a training report? Fog has gone lid off?



Hs come from langfords mouth himself im hearing


Yes the history of 5 is huge, but stringer in 5 does look good to me.


Well I would have Geoff Leek on my list.


In the latest episode of “Reading too much into a player’s instagram post”, Fantasia just posted footage of Devon Smith standing in front of locker #5, seemingly having his picture taken.


With Stringer standing in front of locker #9, and Goddard sweeping pretzels off the table.


Guess we will find out tomorrow. They announced numbers at members forum last year



Smith getting 5 makes sense.




If Langford has gone 4

Then Smith being the player who we gave up most for draft pick wise seems logical to move into 5

Stringer in the next available(24), followed by Saad (25).