As much as I wanted Stringer to get 5 it makes sense since we “gave up” the most for Smith and Stringer has off field issues he needs to sort out and probably doesn’t wanna be in the lime light and the pressures associated with that.

Where Devon Smith seems a bit like Kyrie Irving where he wants to be the main man.

Content with him getting the 5.


Not sure on the Langford mill, actually I am. Bit disappointed, however Jobe called it with Zerret happy to be wrong with Langers.

Was still hoping on Smith #4 and #5 Stringer/McKenna and McGrath to keep #1 is awesome. Stringer doesn’t have to wait long to get #9.


Wow. A bit of punctuation, my man!

That said - I agree that ‘9’ suits Stringer. As far as numbers ‘suit’ anyone, that is.


Trent Mynott #5


But who gets no.4 after Langers asks for a trade at the end of 2018 to look for better opportunities?


Rory sloane.


Not in the age demographic


Ok I’ll have a crack…

#4 Langford
#5 Laverde
#24 Smith
#25 Stringer
#30 Houlahan
#33 Saad
#35 Guelfi
#39 Zerk-Thatcher
#40 Mynott

Potentially though Lav might stay 33 and Saad 42 and we leave 5 vacant 1 year.


Think it’ll go in the order the new boys joined the club. Assuming the mail’s right about Langford I think it’ll be
4 Langford
5 Smith
24 Saad
25 Stringer
30 Houlahan
35 Zerk-Thatcher
39 Guelfi
40 Mynott


Member Forum agenda

New recruits - Jumper Number Reveal and Q&A on stage – Adrian Dodoro


Yay! All to be revealed tonight




Can you imagine the smile on Langford’s face?



First person complains about new recipient of #4, regardless of who it is.


First person complains about new recipient of #5, regardless of who it is. Then, several more.


Alan Noonan posts about how jumper #5 used to not be a big deal. :slight_smile:


If Langford gets 4 I’ll vomit.


Give it to houlahan


Get a sick bag champ


4: Langford
5: Smith
24: Houlahan
25: Stringer
30: Zerk
35: Guelfi
39: Aynott
40: Lavendar
42: Saad


Told ya :slight_smile:


I’m gonna go full Karmabomber about this