what do you have to say now mr board member?


Jeez, big wraps for Smith with 5.


Told you all


I love that raz inadvertently let the cat out of the bag.


I’ve called for Langers to get the #4 since late 2015 when it became apparent he was going to move into the midfield.

As symbolic as it is that Langford has inherited Jobes number, I hope he really grasps the inside mid role.




Why on earth would they give number 4 to a reserves player?


He’s starting 22.


Maybe in the 6 games a year he plays.


If the coach offered him the 4, maybe he doesn’t think he’s a reserves player.


Perhaps. I guess I’m just not convinced on the bloke. Id be happy to be proven wrong. But i think hes a very ordinary football player. But woosha knows more than me.


Woosha did say the whole big body midfielder wasnt an issue trade period as we have guys internally

Lang was obviously one of them and/or highest hope

Happy to be wrong but…






Yeah. Im clearly missing something. Hes been at the club a while now. Hasnt shown much. Be interesting to see his senior game averages. Always looks uninterested to me.


The jury’s certainly still out on the guy from my perspective also. I think the tools are there for him but he still needs to put it together. If he succeeds it’ll be great for him, and the team. Woosh and Co have the faith, so we might as well back him in.


So everybody with a #4 Jersey needs to buy a new one


Awhile? Mate he is still 20 years old


“Plays stoned”