it’s not, …and stop calling me Shirley


Still laughing


Club, coach and players are behind the Lang.

Time we all did the same.


Actually it does.
It determines a little bit on who they hang out with. There are several anecdotes of players talking about forming a bond with players they share lockers with. This friendship can, in turn, influence their choices on and off field.
Going back a few years ago we had a bloke who could really tear up the town off field. Its fair to say he wasnt a great influence on the bloke he was next to in the changeroom every day. Who knows had they left the kid in a higher number, he might have spent less time partying and been a beter player.
Conversely, when Sean Wellman came to the club and was given the locker next to James Hird he happily admits to noticing his work rate on and off field and determining to adopt some of hisnwork habits. Who knows, maybe he wouldnt have been the player he was if he’d been given a higher number.
Id also add in the history of the number, and the efforts the club make to involve the current player with the heroes of the past.


Trust your gut, me. Trust your gut.


I question the sanity of anyone who gets upset over what number a player wears


Trust no pictures from Bomb_Doe.


Can’t express just how much that farkin annoys me.


It’s pretty ■■■■ they can put new stories up straight away yet any time i go to the team list i see alex farking morgan there




You must have clicked on a ■■■■ site


Telstra is taking its ###### time. It’s a good amount of days post player/number announcements and we still have the old page up.

Benzina likes a straight sash over the shoulder… I like an up to date player page.


Last years update took a couple of months from memory.
I think Telstra are bundling it with the NBN.
And don’t get me started on the Footy Live app.


it took ages but it seems to have something to do with when the players go in for their official photos


something is happening (with token gesture for @benfti …)


Finally getting our indigenous numbers up with the drafting of Smith.


Smithy already seems a shadow of the player he was …


Maybe he keeps forgetting passwords so he can’t upload his picture


Well, he has been a bit dark on the whole media thing …


They clearly haven’t had the club photo shoot yet… I’d rather a silhoutte than his GWS profile pic.