Not sure it is up to Telstra as other Clubs like Collingwood have updated photos, and their site seems the same format as EFC.


I was informed by a club person the issue resides with Telstra doing this.


I use that excuse all the time with customers as well; Telstra really cop it and we use Optus in reality.


Aren’t we meant to be a professional club…I would think major clubs overseas would have updated their team list within a week.


On the club mobile app we’ve got everyone except Lavender and the Zerk up.
No idea why it’s a partial fix.
Are the words Lavender and Zerk some code for activities blocked by net filters?
Our do they they live in a Telstra blank spot?


I saw what you did


That such a high-profile, high-profit-turning industry like footy can’t get something as simple as this right is just incredible, and frankly, insulting. If the AFL/Telstra are in charge of this element, then get it the fark right. Two-bob farkin millionaires…


yep. And the VFL fixture on our website is either still showing the 2017 one, or via another link it gives an error.


Club website lagging too much with player info, not just the pictures. Long still listed as a Rookie. Profiles not updated, for players, Kelly coach photo is still in his EFC jumper.

Not good enough in this day and age, kids (and other fanatics …) should be able to go to the club website and learn all about our players with up to date information in preparation for the year ahead. Bizarre how some photo’s are updated and others aren’t.

It’s one thing to complain about Telstra, but as we all know, Telstra won’t fix things unless you complain a lot and make it easier to fix than put up with the complaints.

@Catherine_Lio can this be raised as something that needs to be addressed.


indeed - I was thinking about those same other issues you listed. Providing that additional player info would help to engage with members, both current and new ones. It’s very haphazard and amateurish. And then we have other areas like vids from training and interviews done very well.


Tom Bellchambers’ bio hasn’t been updates since 2013.


and there we have it - no more silhouettes for the seniors. Long not listed on the senior list, but it’s still good progress.


Except the 2017 headshots still haven’t been replaced with the 2018 ones. Notice the difference in the sash between the Smith photo and the others.


yep, I saw that. I’m happy they are showing faces rather than silhouettes. They still have to update it properly. I’ve banged on about this enough and don’t want to come across as the resident raving silhouette-webpage kook.


It’s alright. To us, you’re our resident raving silhouette webpage kook


That was quicker than I expected!


There are bios for the new drafted players on the team page now, but no updates on existing players, no bios for traded players (Smith, Stringer, Saad), no bios on new rookies and Long still a rookie.

Still glaringly not good enough Telstra and EFC.

I’m thinking of complaining directly to Telstra as a Telstra customer and make my displeasure felt and let them know I am considerating another provider.

Anyone care to join me? I got the below link by clicking the Telstra links at the bottom of our club website.


One step ahead of you.

Shifted to Optus.


And under List View it’s very poor. Lots of Debut fields blank. i.e. Parish’s is blank, and he’s into year 3 !!! When do the 2018 games/goals get filled in? Hardly a good resource the members and fans can use.


A lot of things fixed now including debut fields (behind on Guelfi only), but still no promotion of Jake Long to the senior list, McNiece still described as a Next Generation Academy player and Mynott and Lavender have no Bio’s as yet, but someone called Scott Keeley (@S_K ) listed as a Lavender sponsor.

Getting there, but should be able to rely on the club website for accurate information on all players.