Meanwhile, the “Player Sponsor” link in the “Our Club” menu points to a non-existent page.

A lot of the website is broken.


It has improved a lot. I PM’d Marc Bertieri, the head of digital at EFC, about it and to his credit he responded straight away and said it should be easy to fix up. And shortly after it was. Yes, there are still bits not-quite-right.

Numbers 2019

Okay @Catherine_Lio it is only December, but a number of clubs have go the jump on the website photos. Geelong have photos up, even without numbers, and Carlton have got their numbers sorted and photos as well.

I know we haven’t had our AGM yet, but getting player pics and bios up on the website when there is excitement about our new players is not asking a lot.

Numbers 2019

Someone hasn’t worked with Telstra before.

Everything is hard.


Pretty sure the club would like to confirm numbers before the big update - but I’ll keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


It’s the internet - I’d expect all the player photos by now, even if a couple are of completely the wrong person and with wrong names / heights / birthdates.

Works for Wikipedia, Big Footy, and the football commentariat.


Title needs another S for Shiel no?


Damn, I liked 33 on him and thought Shiel was great for 15

Laverde - Why I Changed Number

Essendon’s full 2019 number reveal will take place at Family Day on Saturday.




Wheres Truck Rutten?

Also those new polos look great. Might have to pick one up


Harvs looks like he is “sucking his gut in” lol


Whereas Kelly looks like he could put on a jumper and play again tomorrow.


Look what else has been updated:

Marc is doing a great job.

If you are not sure what I am talking about, who’s no longer listed as a rookie?


Ham looks 12.


Rutten is now up. Although they could have used the Align Top function to get them level.


Its simple errors like that that is going to bring this whole organisation down!


True Mike. Very true. The coaches may be on the same page but they are clearly not all aligned.


Rutten is the new Neeld.


too far


Rob Harding is like the anti Langford :grinning: