Official ESS v Crows Review

Hooray - we held on. 7 goals straight to start, then just scraped in.


Very frustrating last three quarters, but good to see we can beat the might of the opposition, maggits, AFL, crap Fox commentators, etc,



#Back our boys


-BJ is a star

-Umpiring great for us in that 4th

-great win! Next week is a must win for us.

-last week is now forgotten.

Ripper game. Lots of blokes stood up. Everyone gave 100%.

Second quarter hurt but everything else looked good.

I’m relieved. Pig is close to our best player.

Bell chambers lack of form is concerning.

Very good game to Goddard. If only he will learn to kick straight at goal.


Very pleasing to see those bullet-passes and effort from Trav when he had the chance.


Nice cameo from Zerrett in last Q - and how the maggot refused to award that mark is beyond me.

Oh and that Howlett goal was a goal.

■■■■ off saying that touch the post.

Ripping win!

Colyer’s best game for the club. Did he miss a target.

Nice to see lichs attaching loose balls on the run again.

Great last quarter by bj.

Fark me though, Set shots. There was no need for that to be a heart stopper

Next 3 against the Cats, Port and Pies pivotal. They’ll do well to win 1 of those

Kav and Colyer were very serviceable.  Pleasing to see both contribute

you have to love Zerrett, that play when he stole it off Dangerfield and took off was at a crucial stage 

Ha ha Demons Saints never forgiven. However despite all his knocks Colyer and dare I say KAV both showed why they need more opportunity. Kavs ball use in close was awesome. Needs a few more games into him.


9.2 in the first half

6.9 in the second.


Our third quarter of 8 behinds nearly cost us.  We learn to convert a few more of those and we probably run away with the game.


Bomber is very slow to react.  Swapping Hurley down forward should have been done earlier in the game and his seeming desire to always play Melksham has me baffled.  AT the moment Melks is not playing well at all, in fact he has become a liability with his turnovers.  He is clearly down on confidence and needs a spell back in the 2's to get his mojo back.  Just continuing to play him is actually not helping him.

That was a fantastic goal to Trav. In hindsight, that was  the sealer. (Though it didn't feel like it was going to be at the time).

That goal by howlett was the most important one in the game I reckon even though was a gift. Even though we probably screwed up the last 3 quarters I'm soo rapt we won. Adelaides in pretty good shape atm.

Finally, they show some heart with the victory song.  I have not seen that since last year. 

pretty good game by Trav and Kav, pleasing to say the least.

Good to see Winder with a bit more intensity tonight.

Ambrose improving week to week.

Hibberd would surely have to be leadint the bnf.


Pretty much the rest, same ■■■■ different week. Dreading watching the next 3 weeks dishing up that against top sides, shudders.

Great work by whoever taught Colyer how to kick.

Or at least to aim for the opposition players. I don't care which one.


Good win against one of the form teams of recent weeks. Loved the first quarter but need to play man on man at times and react much quicker to the opposition set up at ball ups.