Official Ess v Demons Review

Essendon supporters will find all the excuses in the world for this loss, but there is no excuse for professional footballers missing so many easy set shots for goal.


17 behinds, FFS, and lose by a point.


We have had a crap forward line for years. When will they fix it?

Weak as ■■■■.
Wonder if people will sit up and take notice now...

Apart from belly, you can't really blame the other forwards, when the ball gets delivered straight to their opponents, to which they'd love that sort of delivery, you can't expect them to do much.








I'm personally excusing ryder and daniher cos of the absolute atrocious delivery and kav.


The rest absolutely pathetic effort. ■■■■ decision making and ■■■■ skill. nothing more to say except simply pathetic.

First time I've ever turned off the TV before the game was over. The boys missed some absolute sitters in front of goals and just another poor performance to add to the many we've had this year.



  • Ambrose was alright, I guess
  • Zaharakis was definitely our best today


  • Way too many to name.

Shut blitz down. No good will come of this thread.

Let's face it Essendon have been poor in the practice matches and for most of the season proper, apart from a couple of quarters against Hawthorn and one against Collingwood.


Big wins against North, Carlton and Richmond were probably more a result of the opposition not really turning up.


Bottom six side and playing like it.


And Melksham surely has joined Jetta in the list cloggers club.  Offers nothing as a footballer.

Jake Carlise forward should have happened,

Bad kicking will always kill you when you average low scores in games.

forwards monstered by ordinary defenders, yes some free kicks got missed but game was lost by behinds



What I could post about this dud but I really like the World Cup thread so I don't want to be banned.

Good luck to the dees, took every chance, and got everything.

Can’t wait for the day they fold though.

Not a single excuse for us. That’s disgusting kicking for goal, and no one is excused.

Zaka may have risen a level.

Fark supporting this club can test you.

bad kicking is bad football.


skills let us down.

When do BJ and Belly EVER miss from 15m?

See ya 2014 another year wasted.

Bellchambers should hang your head in shame.


Zaharakis and helped were immense

the rest can go have a good long look at themselves.

There's just no point to any of this. 


Zaharakis and helped were immense

the rest can go have a good long look at themselves.

Is there any point…3years ago we were having 70 inside 50’s to 35 and losing games to sides like this and we are still doing it now…has anything changed

It’s time to hire Matthew Knights and sack him on the spot to make a statement.

I gave Baggas a huge wrap midweek, must have mozzed him.

Horrid last ten minutes.

Mentally soft players, list is going nowhere with this mentality. NEVER put games away when we are in control. ALWAYS get brought down to the level of other teams. Haven’t been this furious after a game in years.

Melksham, ■■■■ off to the 2s.

Hurley out, fletcher in. Been so average this year, has no idea how to do the most basic skill in SPOILING the ball. Throws his body at it but doesn’t kill the ball, the opposition just run onto the crumbs. You’re meant to crash the packs as a forward, not as a defender, you’re meant to keep your feet. Back up forward and crash packs, if oh get injured then bad luck. Offers nothing down back.