Official ESS v Power Game Review

Fantastic to see the Bombers get away to the early lead and hold on under immense pressure.


This is the icing on the cake after the wins in the ASADA court action this week.

Great win against a very good side on their home turf.

Don’t think the boys had too much in the tank by the end.

Reckon the game was own at the selection table and by quality game plan.

Well done all round.

Good even team effort.

We were due a close one against a top team.  

Amazing stuff.

Would have dead set murdered someone if we lost that.

Top 5 players ratings wise on the ground:






Super impressed with Myers game! And actually thought Dempsey was back at his best with some epic tackles and defensive pressure.

Well done boys. Now to knock off the Pies next week.

Solid effort.  Need to get our goal kicking sorted though.

Hardingham, solid vfl player

Winders behind the ball was a masterstroke

One of the best wins for the club

Eventually we would've got the close one. Loved the effort and intensity at the contest. I have not seen that four quarter effort for a long time - certainly not this season.


I loved the fact that I didn't see a passenger. I saw players who normally are more outsiders, putting their bodies right on the line. Fantastic attack!! Fantastic stuff!


(PS. In typical AFL fashion their headline says that Port wasted chances. In typical AFL fashion never let facts get in the way of a headline. Port had SEVEN rushed behinds.)

Brilliant team performance!

I love my Bombers.

Not sure why the BB system made duplicate threads... I trust our wise mods will sort this.

Fantastic win by the boys tonight. Some great composure by some of the rising leaders at the club. Our season turns around now both on and off the field.


You ■■■■■■ ripper boys..... We have had a big week and getting great wins......  :D

Great coaching by bomber!! Umpiring was in out favour too!

Great night.

Mr. Dyson Heppell.... Thank You

If we make the finals the Bomberblitz servers should be given an upgrade!

Great win, good feels all round, but for ■■■■■ sake - practice some goalkicking maybe?

Yet another away win by the Bombers, we have become good at that after all those years of never winning away.