Official Game Thread Bombers vs Crow Eaters

What a start! 3 goals in 3 mins!

Our passing tonight has been sublime…low drilled kicks

We're the best team in aus.

Lol Dempsey’s tackle not paid as HTB

Was that a knee to Hocking face on that replay?


Poor Bags…everything turning to ■■■■ for him lately

Unlucky bounce lead to that goal.

no according to the commentary it was in the side!

Crappy bounce for Bags

Need to hit targets and hold our marks inside 50

Kav's got a bit of vision to go with the hands it seems. 


Hibberd on fire early

Joe D loads up. Paddy Ambrose!!!

Paddy A!

Nice hoof from JoeD.

Ambrose!Great kick from JOE

Daniher spiral from 70m leads to Ambrose mark in the square.

Goal. 24-7

Quick movement and a monster joe kick lead to that goal.

Good stuff