Second last round: Richmond thrashed GWS by over 100 points.

Last round: we thrashed Richmond.

This round: we scrape in by 15 points.


We are the League's experts in winning unconvincingly.


We just squeaked in against a bunch of kids who individually have better skills.


Maybe we should learn from them to:

a) kick to where our players are, rather than where they aren't;

b] kick the goal when you have a farking set shot!!! FFS!  

Percentage was increased by 1.38% tonight, Daniher kicked a micro-bag.


Dunno what you guys are so worried about  :rolleyes:

dogs breakfast!

Yeah...that was hard work...skills were deplorable for a lot of the night.


Still, a win is a win and that's another four points in the bank.

GWS fought hard, we did what we had to do.

It was an atrocious game to watch, but we’ll take the 4 points.

We need to learn how to handle a wet footy.

Another ugly win but still a win and that’s all we need to keep doing, winning regardless of our form.

Winning ugly is still winning

How many.

Myers should have started. Arrogant start to the match and didn’t give GWS enough respect. The match committee have stuffed around with the sub with only rubbish results.

Paddy Ambrose very clean hands with his marking and below his knees

So Hawks win by a goal and it’s an aberration…

We win by a few and our seasons over?

Won interstate against a team on the rebound in a wet, scrappy sort of game.

Joe starting to show signs of Lloyd in his early career with those high flying grabs!

An up and about Winderlich would have really helped, but not a bad win.

Thank fark Cameron didn’t play. Is fletch injured or was just subbed out? Jobe very despondent. Looks like a bad one.

No es bueno

Winning ugly is still winning

They came back hard in the last quarter. ln the past we would have turned up the toes and would have lost. We steadied when we needed to. We answered every challenge they threw our way, and held a little bit in reserve.     

Winning ugly is still winning

Exactly. Bank the 4 points and concentrate on melbourne

Watson injury looks bad. Miracle if its not 4 weeks…

How many.

Not many.
If any.

Anyone else think that Myers should have started?

I think it was an arrogant start, and we didn’t pay GWS enough respect.