Official match thread - round 15 versus Dees

I know no one seems interested, but it’s good to start this thread before the team comes out.

Melbourne at full strength playing Essendon light, … just lead at half time, and in an Umpireillogical environment

Maybe 10,000 crowd.


Good luck bombers.


Stream for today’s game

This thread should be busy today given that none of you locals have actually gone to the game.

I’m running late. Get them to wait 10 minutes I don’t want to miss the start.

Stream for today's game

Legend… thanks

Good start by Jerrett.

Get farked.

Both merretts busy early.


Robbed by the AFL of a goal


Btw our jumper looks ten times better when we wear long sleeves

Having a dip early. Keep it going.

The padding only counts as part of the line when it hits the ■■■■■■■ thing!!

Blatant cheats.

derm, Ed and j Brown commentators…FMD