Official matchday thread v Pompous

Confirmed no late changes either side.

get us a hot chip status

Do I look like David J Richardson to you?

PM him.


Oooh JD rumours were only that.

Fkn fire up son.

Here’s hoping for a decent showing and not wanting to just switch to watching Tigers vs Pies instead at quarter time.


Ambrose to smash Hogan

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The worst thing about this game?

Big chance we put in the same lacklustre, disinterested performance that we’ve become used to this year… but we will hear the justification of “We were coming off a short break!”.

Bucket time.

“We are still learning how to jell as a team”

John Worsfold post match

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We will learn a lot from today.

If we lose I want to see a seething Woosha in his post match none of this “we will learn from this” crap

As long as Lav kicks 6 and Mutch gets 40 possessions, I’ll be happy.


Yeah… good luck with that.

More chance of John Coleman playing at full forward today.

We’re working really hard to not be an average team.

Yep, no excuses for Joey Baby today. If he has been declared fit, the expectations remain. And the only expectation I have for him today is to stop playing ‘dumb’ footy. Hope someone at training discussed ‘leading patterns’ with him. Wanna see him lead into space and stop trying to take stagnant marks from behind his defender.


At least if he did, even now he would get less out-on-the-fulls than JD.

step up mate, you won’t eat the coles lasagna so what use are you?


Tippa warming up. heavily strapped left knee

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Joey warming up

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Mutch warming up

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Think the players might be stung and upset at themselves enough to really push it out today.

I reckon we’ll notch one back. Bombers by 20.

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distinct lack of fluff on the club site about mutch debuting.