Official Salami Cup Review

Even though its our first win for a month, a close-run win against a mediocre side is not going to cause many sleepless nights for clubs inside the Eight. Discuss.

Did that the hard way.

That’s one of the worst wins I can remember watching.

And if it does turn out Winders hasn’t done his ACL, he’s incredibly, incredibly lucky. But I’ll believe it when he lines up next week

At least Crameri played like ■■■■.

Very, very ugly win, But I'll take it.


Our entire back 6 were massive. Licha and Daniher great also along with Hep.

We might only be a mediocre side in win / loss terms but at least we play an attractive free flowing game style, it’s fantastic to watch, win or loss.

cripple fight. Feels like a loss.

Whatever Malaise has inflicted essington I hope someone figures out what it is and farks it off.

A win is a win, better then losing.  

What a relief.
Firstly, are the umpires trying to kill the game? Frees you couldn’t understand to both sides. No frees in situations to both sides. It just completely confused you. And infuriated you. Seemed better in the 2nd half until that ridiculous 50m penalty.
I’m starting to think I know one of the major things that has gone wrong since we played Carlton. It’s Watson falling off, Myers hardly playing, Goddard missing. That’s a big drop off in contested footy, which then also hurts the runners. Heppell and Goddard really helped with that in the 2nd half today.
Not that this is the only issue. A second issue is pressure on exiting the F50. Against Collingwood in Q1 they got it out and we sent it right back in. How much trouble have we had getting it out of the D50? Yet most of games teams are finding it very easy to work their way out of our F50 and to their half of the ground. Still need to improve.
And could we stick a damn tackle in the first half?
Today’s game again revolved around the midfield. 19 times I50 for the first half is going to make it had for any forward line. The accuracy in the first half didn’t help either. 3.6 is not good. Second half got it in more, got more goals. The midfield improved and we got on top of them. Q3 was the killer for us - it should be noted we lost three of the four quarters on the scoresheet. Which is not good.
We’ve now had a series of quarters with 0 goals, and probably more with one or two. Maybe we should actually keep some forwards in the damn forward line, and take the risk with the middle? I think this was done more in the 2nd half, and we kicked more.
We won, but it was only the Dogs. We all sigh in relief, but nobody else is going to respect this win. But hopefully it is a bit of a turning point. With the dogs fight in the last they could have won.
And who isn’t relieved over Winders. phew that he was jogging.

Why keep kicking it to Hooker?
Dogs midfielders ran out of puff from being off the leash for the first half from their essendon counterparts
Goddard epic
Dempsey some important saves in the last
Danniher is going to be immense
Winderlich lucky mother ■■■■■■, looked done on replay.

Carslile dropped or plays back

Hooker AA

A lot of players will be better for the run(Melksham, Goddard, Dempsey)

Daniher needs a support act when he dominated the competition in 2 years time. 

Fletcher may have a few legs left

Midfield is good, but Stants has to break the tag or needs help doing so earlier. Need his run.

Need Belly back next week.

What’s wrong with Watson?

That Fletcher kid has potential

Thank fark for Fletcher and Hooker.

We were putrid, but we won and a win is a win. Hooker and Hurley imo were our two best tonight. Hooker grabbed everything and Hurley destroyed Judas

Hopefully this will encourage the guys and start their build back to full game winning.


We wona against the Footscray

Fletcher and Hooker were amazeballs.

That Fletcher kid has potential