Old people don't understand the Internet


Yep. It can do up to 1Gbps but no one is offering it.

Quality streaming is not just about number of pixels.


And do you need/use that speed, really? Being HD streaming uses about a qtr to half of my 12?


Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes! Nothing worse than turning on your PS4 or PC and there is a 20gb update waiting for you. Also flip side of the coin is the upload speed. I’m assuming Riolio would like to get his graphics and websites into the cloud quicker.


Ah, see, I never think of the Gaming thing.

If you’re into that, especially playing communal worldwide stuff, I get the need.

Edit: from here on out, I’m calling 100mbps “Geek Speed!” :stuck_out_tongue:


High speed isn’t essential for online gaming. Low ping is what you want for gaming :slight_smile:

Have a look at this and then apply the concept on a business sense and you’ll start to understand where ‘geek speed’ internet will get you.


I absolutely freaking need 100mbps


i’ll take my 20mbps down again, house sitting with adsl, not even 2+.


NBN is available from May 5 down here.

I’ll have to get the guy who installed all the C-Bus etc down here to convert it over once I get the modem. We’re using a FritzBox modem rather than the Telstra-supplied one, and FritzBox just isn’t going to cut it, I gather.

I’m probably about 350 metres from the node. On ADSL2 at the moment through Telstra, and it’s actually quicker than the cable connection I had in Essendon. I suspect that was because the installation was faulty there though.

I doubt I’ll bother with the highest speeds. I don’t stream much and I don’t game.


I need geek speed. Desperately.


Just out of interest Dek,… why? Also @Riolio


Until something goes wrong. Then you’re in a World of pain dealing with their South African call centre. I have no words to describe that experience, but will simply state the net effect of their towering incompetence on me: no NBN connection from early Dec 16 to early Jan 17 - no internet, no phone. Suffice to say I’m with Mint now -they’re in Salamanca Place. Their service is utterly sensational, they answer the phone, I can understand them, they know what they’re doing, speeds are better than I was getting at iinet and they’re marginally cheaper.


Given what my job is - I need lots and lots of uploading speed :slight_smile:


■■■■■ producer?


Unfortunately - this will most probably end as it usually does - successful small business gets bought out by larger dinosaur, customers suffer.


It sucks that we can’t see the censored text when quoting, anymore.
No Barnz - the only thing I produce, is more bodies.


I sincerely hope not as Mint are brilliant. If it does, I shall resume my search for an ISP with Aus-based support staff. Aussie Broadband (who BSD is with) also offer Aus support. Based in rural Victoria and Adelaide, I think.


Yep. I’m with iinet. $100, unlimited data, full noise, great reliability, and no friggin’ lock in contract. Just month to month. Love it.


Yup, another reason I went with them. Great service, Aus company, aussie staff, all based in Morwell, ( …just up the road!! As they say), and lets face it, Morwell needs employers employing now more than ever …


I internet for a living.


do you have anyhting to hide? lots of net are for dead end kids and paedophiles.