Old people don't understand the Internet


Looks like CS isn’t their strong point:


Ha, you get what you pay for I suppose.


This oughta work

Foxtel has always been overly expensive, but compared to Netflix, is laughably so. Their new digital efforts are nice but still way too over the top.


I love how they advertise who they are blocking. Just so you know where to go.


Yep, I’d never heard of those sites before today.


Where’s my ■■■■■■■ NBN? We were supposed to be able to tee it up from last Friday. Warrnambool Telstra don’t answer and I don’t feel like driving 28km each way to find out.


Yep - ta for that!


At least they’ve dropped the “YOU’RE SPONSORING TERRORISM” rhetoric.


Been using watchserie(s) & PJTV for years, … the others are new though.




We were supposed to be able to register for actual migration from last Friday.

Now deferred at least a fortnight.

The new series of Bosch was released on Amazon Prime a fortnight or so back , so I took advantage of their free trial and cheap start-up to watch it.

Unavailable in Australia. They must have excluded it because SBS will be showing it soonish…but still, they shouldn’t be stiffing subscribers.


Signed up with My Republic.

Didn’t hear anything for a few days. Emailed them. No response. Called them days later. Got told “you need to ring us to make an appointment”. Next appointment free was a fortnight later. That’s next week. Got an email today responding to my first one that an appointment was booked.

Very ordinary so far, expected for the price to be honest.


As far as the NBN goes, … my experience was a good one, … until a month or so ago.

Then I started to get an increasing amount of drop outs. At several points in the order of 10 an hour!! Drove me batshit crazy. Rang, bleeted, twice, and it has now become better, but can still get borked at times and drop out 3 or 4 times in an hour, but mainly stable. I’m hoping it gets back to the way it was in the 1st 6 months soon, I probably only dropped out once a month in that period.

Thing is, I did a Google on the issue, and it apperas to be a rampant one with FTTN, & FTTB connections, and I started to wonder, … if you have a home phone via this thing, … will it also drop out in the middle of calls with every fail??

I don’t have a phone with it, but I suspect it would, and if so, that is farked, particularly for the eldery, ill & infirm. I mean WTAF??

If that wasn’t the greatest argument for doing FTTH considering the virtually infallible phone system it’s replacing, I don’t know what was.

Why didn’t we hear more about that clearly obvious, life threatening, very real & what was always going to be very common issue at the time??


I have FTTH and it still drops out, have to occasionally reset the modem to get the home phone to work, its a farce.
You have no idea that the home phone isn’t working either until someone calls my mobile and says why aren’t you answering the home phone.

Supposedly have the ‘fast’ pack but still only get 30mbps the old Telstra cable I had before this was more stable and faster


It’s pretty farked. In a storm or fire etc emergency, you are quite likely to lose mobile communications, and this thing will be already gone with the power out, regardless of drop outs,… this will result in several deaths shortly.

When I think about that, … do they make modems with a battery back up?

If so, why didn’t they make it mandatory for modems connecting to NBN to have a minimum 12 hr back up for these instances?? Again, particularly for the Old & sick?

If not,… I just let a million dollar idea out of the bag …


Hello patent office, I’d like to register a patent on battery backed up modems…thanks


You should’ve been offered a battery backup when you got the NBN installed. They offered it to me and I said no thanks cause of the additional cost. It’s free for those who require monitoring services.


Me too.


Our NBN is just about perfect. Had it for years now never dropped out once at home or office. Fast as ■■■■■ off a shovel, phones work, love it.

Replaced batteries too often, but now don’t bother as if the power fails I just go to bed.

You just live in wrong place.


I was scheduled to get (proper) NBN six months after Rudd got re-elected…

Now I only have to wait another 18 months (maybe) so that I can get “NBN” via the Foxtel cable that has passed my home forever. That cable was never designed to be connected to every home in the area, of course, so should end up slower than what it is pre-NBN…