Old people don't understand the Internet


Lol… Like you need to tell any of us you require monitoring …


Mine’s plugged into my UPS…


The backup batteries used are the same as what goes into most standard home alarm systems. If you have the manual for your nbn inside box it even tells you how to hook it up!


Hmm, wasn’t at all.[quote=“Slowstu, post:296, topic:2348”]
Hello patent office, I’d like to register a patent on battery backed up modems.

I was gonna say 10% would do, … but it seems we’ve been pipped.[quote=“Bacchusfox, post:299, topic:2348”]
Our NBN is just about perfect.

&^$%# !!!

I’d truly actually rather have no internet at all than live up there in Desolation Plains BF.

Is that tree you guys had still standing? :wink:



Uninterruptible Power Supply.


UPS = universal power supply.



Uninterruptible? I’ve always known them as universal?


So it’s a computer battery back up??

Why not just fkn call it that?


Well there isn’t any reason why you can’t plug in anything else into it.


What, … so you’re saying it’s like,… “Universal” or something then??


Well if you’re in America and buy one from Aus to use there then you’ve got a ‘universal electronic blower upper’.


It is a large battery that you plug anything you want into. DC > AC.
A good one also has the ability to flick in instantaneously if there is a cut. It is also a power regulator, and guards against spikes.


Yeah, I had a bit of an ebay look.

FWIW, I keep my 12v deep cycles I have for car trips/festivals/camping trickling away, and if things go wrong, hook them up to the little porta inverter.

Keeps the laptop and TV going for a good 6 -8 hours.


Yep, that works, but doesn’t safeguard you against power dropouts - which is the main reason i use them. I can’t afford to lose power and kill a drive.


Ahh, see I forget all about desktop computers. Only used lappies for years now, so don’t have that issue.


Unless you’ve got a switchable Universal power supply for it … :confounded:


What the Fark are you talking about ?

Bacchus Marsh is in a very beautiful valley, with two River, two fabulous gorges, and an Avenue of nearly 300 elm trees




Been a long time since I was up that way TBH, … and I don’t remember BM proper, …but Melton & Rockbank etc, looked like they fell out of the Mad Max film set back then.

Flat empty dry yellow land broken up by nought but the old Rock fences,… and the odd sad looking gum.

Whenever I see the end of Shawshank, when Red goes to get the cigar box under the rock, near “The” tree, . I can’t help but think of that area up there.


Comparing Melton/Rockbank to the Marsh is like comparing the beautiful Bombers to the Filth.

In any case both Melton and Rockbank are now a sea of new homes with hundreds more being built.

You should get out more.