Ollie Wines


True about TBell, but then he went and spudded up the final and now that’s all I remember.


We owe Port.


Our focus MUST be on Stringer nominating us first!


Francis (if he wants to head home) + Redman + a second rounder.


It doesn’t matter if he does. Gordon would rather he sit out for a year than trade him to us.


Yeah and that A-hole Conners will never let it happen.


At the end of the day, they want a first round pick. So its not likely that we will land him unless we give away our future 1St rounder. Not gonna happen


Punchable head but still love to see him at Essendon.


Not only a contested inside brute but knows how to get himself in positions to goal & finish.

Also 1.32 just sayin… :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

If we are any chance at all to get this bloke do it.

Port will bleed, they want him captain in future.


Can’t have enough quality players on the list - yes please to Wines.


why not though? hes clearly worth it?


Trading will be interesting with our 2018 second pick traded already (we have GWS’ pick) and our third gone as well.

If young Fletch is a gun we will need points for him too.

Hopefully the ‘super draft’ will overvalue draft picks or something…


Yes @fairybread, I’d also love you to elaborate. I’m very curious.


If we could get Wines with our first and GWS second, and Fletcher with whatever remaining points we can muster, that would be a great trade period.


I can confirm he’s a big bastardo.


how so?


He’s quite big, and a bit bastardo-ie


I wonder if wines and stringer were mates back in the day,both played for the Bendigo pioneers,and were drafted the same year. Let’s organise a reunion and get them back together lol :wink::wink:.


Right you are…


Farking hell. O’Roarke 2 and Toumpas 4.

At least Franga has shown some high end talent. I cannot remember seeing either those showing any real talent.