Ollie Wines


speaking to someone who supposedly knows,
having been on ports list recently, Wines
earns his living playing for Port…but has
Carlton stuff in his home and is still a fan.


[quote="murraymac, post:201, Wines
earns his living playing for Port…but has
Carlton stuff in his home and is still a fan.

Eww, how gross.
You’d have to question his intelligence and common decency. On top of that, he’s likely to be privately seething.


Blues would certainly be cashed up.

Missed Rockliff, Saad, Smith. Lost Gibbs also. Simpson/Thomas likely done at end of year. Murphy getting towards end of career. List is mainly kids.

But even so why would you leave a top four team to one who would be a long way off challenging, regardless of barracked for growing up.


Maybe after he’s had a few Wines


Personally i don’t think Port are a top 4 team. Plus a lot of their key players are up around 30 now. If they don’t make top 4 this year, I reckon it’s pretty close to rebuild time for them. So by the end of the year Carlton’s future might look rosier


Oliies Wine


I don’t think they close to thinking about rebuild. Anyone near to or 30 is not actually an issue.

Boak for example is 29. Same draft year as Joel Selwood. No one is writing him off. Robbie Gray is 29 also and still a star.

Wingard, Wines and co in good bracket of age.

They’ve also been bringing kids through. SPP, Marshall, Bonner will all feature moreso.

If he returning it will be a family decision for sure over thinking Port aren’t in the window. If he was at all worried you’d just take a 2yr contract.


Do Not Want!


Their backs and mids will be right up there in a few years. The forward line needs work. If they fix this up, they’ll be challenging in 3 years.


Gray and Ryder will both be 30 by the start of he season. Westhoff is 31.
They’re not going to fall off a cliff. But they’ve clearly loaded up to have a tilt this year and next.
If they’re not top 4 this year (and i don’t think they will be), I think they’re more likely to slowly slide than improve. That’s why I think they should be thinking rebuild if they don’t meet expectations this year.
Time will tell


Ryder just won AA, he in a prime age for a ruck.

Westhoff at end of the day is playing a fwd/ruck role which can be replaced relatively easily. Jack Watts is already there and done it effectively at Dees.

I think they primed for tilt but yes will soon see if they can’t do so. Certainly expectation they will based on how they recruited.


Fair points. It will be interesting to see how they go considering their offseason.

Back on topic, I don’t think we’ll be after Wines, but i’m Only guessing as a complete outsider


God I wish we got to see Ryder spoon feeding stringer out of the middle


If he goes to Collingwood, Hawthorn, Carlton or Richmond then yes


We are a weak clearance side, got spanked around the ball in a final big time and have just lost our best clearance player.

Cripps would be close to the first player I’d pick in the league. A young, big-bodied clearance machine. Ruck and a stoppage specialist are the two big holes in our side at the moment.


I am thinking that because we have got such quality players in his age group like Stringer, Smith and Saad on top of JD, Zerrett, McGrath, Raz, Walla, Parish, Conor and throw in Hepp and Zakka and maybe Begley, Stewart and some others developing further this year … this could make us ultra appealing for a player like Wines because he knows he would complement that line up so well, we would be very likely to target him with any extra funds we might have given he is exactly the type of player we need to set up a 6 to 8 year tilt at flags.

If we can bring it this year there is no way we won’t be a destination club given the quality of our players under and around 25 years of age, our facilities and supporter base.

I think Disco and co have been very clever in targeting this demographic, only time will tell, but if we can start our rise to the top this year we will be very strong for years to come if we can keep an elite core together.


Not a fan of Belchambers or luenburger? Draper, although still a bit off, is coming along really well for someone who jasnt really been playing the code that long. I think if worst came to worst Joe could ruck quite well.


What first choice rucks do you think Belly and Loony are better than? They are good players, but the position is a weakness in my opinion.


Poor decision maker and horrible human being.


■■■■ off, we are not trading Stringer to Port