Ollie Wines


Now now, no sour grapes


Stats are a funny thing though.
‘Total’ stats are kinda useless.
‘Average’ stats are also close to useless.
The only stats that really count are ‘differential’ kind of stats, as teams play differently and have varying results against different opponents.

In clearances, we lost out at -2 per game vs opponent. In perspective, GWS won theirs 7.4, Richmond were -1, Crows +1.5, Pies +2.5, and Syd +.07

So that cleary tells you…what…?


You might have to help me out here, I’m not really up on current rucks from other teams haha but from memory I can’t think when, say, tommy b was toweled up completely last year.

As well as this rucks seem to be reducing in necessity, the Bulldogs dont really run with one and Richmond, if I remember correctly, had shaun grigg contesting the ruck at certain times in the grand final.

I think as long as they can at worst split the difference, the players at their feet can hopefully pick up the slack, should there be any.


I don’t think there is a yawning gap between Wines and Cripps as clearance players with wines averaging 6 clearances last year and Cripps 6.7, although I admit Cripps had a stellar 2016 topping the list with 8, but Wines still top 10 at 6.2.

With his numbers Wines is certainly in Jobe territory. I admit I haven’t watched him closely enough to ascertain the quality of his play, but I think he is definitely a cut above any big bodies we have currently; notwithstanding any substantial developments from Stringer or maybe Begley or Langford coming on.

Although he is on the not tall end of the spectrum at 180cm, as Parish puts on kilograms I suspect he will continue to punch above his weight division if he adds another 4 or 5 kgs to his listed 80kgs, but with Wines at 190cm and 97kg I still think we would look a lot better with him in the side.


Absolutely. We would be a much better side with either Wines or Cripps. But if I had to choose…


Vintage comment.

We definitely don’t want to go into hock, even if they do treat him chablis.


Well I thought Belly was non-competitive in the final. Only managed three touches for the game playing almost exclusively on-ball and also managed to give away four free kicks. Very little intensity from the big fella.


Last quarter against Brisbane…was donkey-licked by Martin. He’s like the girl with the curl…when he’s bad, he’s horrid.


I think this year is Belly’s year to shine. His fitness base should be back up to scratch and he is in the prime years for a ruckman. Hopefully he does shine and shine long enough and then be overtaken by Draper and maybe even Lavender, while still in AFL level form.


Couldn’t agree with you more on the wines vs cripps comparison.

But top flight Belly is generally pretty competitive.

Also he is better than the following teams first choice rucks:

  • Geelong
  • GWS
  • Gold Coast
  • Norf (Goldy is finished)
  • Dogs

Pretty Equal to

  • Collingwood
  • Hawks
  • Richmond
  • Sydney (despite the final)


Zac Smith, Grundy, McEvoy, Nankervis, Witts, Naismith and Goldstein all had much better seasons than Belly. I’ll give you GWS who have just lost Mummy (though I’d take Lobb over TBC) and WB, who have been forced to play Roughead in the ruck. English will get there pretty quickly in my opinion.


As if some on here wouldn’t love Wines if he picked Essendon as his choice of club


I wouldn’t complain if he nominated us, I just think it’s pointless to waste much time talking about it at this time of year. He’ll probably re-sign with Port by mid season. Plus our mids will be going so well we won’t need to bother with him


I’ll think he’l re-sign too.


Just not true.

The only two you could say had “much” better years than Belly are Grundy and Nankervis. That would only virtually be down to durability.

The rest were not “much better”. I know on blitz we don’t like stats that much BUT stats would tell you Bellys impact was in the best 10 rucks in the comp last year.



Once Berger was injured Tommy didn’t let go of his spot backing the big fella to have a massive year.


These jokes are improving like a fine wines


Leuey is all heart but should only be used in emergency’s.

Makes Clarke’s kicking look like Dean Rioli.


I’m resigned to him re-signing, but should he resign it’s a sign he may re-sign with us, which would make us sigh and be resigned to rein in our joy at each re-signing.


We’re worse at the defensive side than winning them ourselves. Cripps doesn’t give you much that side - Wines does. My thoughts anyway.