Ollie Wines


Fair enough.


All of Geelong,Saints,Port,West Coast’s midfields were smashed by ours so the middle can win it’s fair share problem is they don’t defend win they havent got the ball.


Which was due to Watson, Hep and Myers for the most part. Minds may have been willing but bodies were not.

Hep will have the run back in his legs, Myers may not even be in team and Watson is out.

Stringer. Smith. Parish. Langford. All will be taking up more of inside mid time and all move far better & quicker than Watson & Myers.


Yeah from all reports there will be multiple players rotating through the middle to fill the void left by Watson.


Isn’t going anywhere.
Has signed x2 contracts in his life, both have been last minute. May drag on well into the season or likely to the end but loves the coach and loves the club.


All those matches were characterised by our opponents being allergic to tackling and pressure.

When the game is played on our terms then our midfield can get the job done. However, our midfield showed last year that when the opposition provide a lot of pressure and tackling it really struggles to get enough quality supply to our forward line or to sufficiently stop or pressure the opposition from getting forward.


Please offer him the biggest contract at the club to fix our biggest deficiency


And even if we don’t get him at least port have to pay market rates for him


yeah kid hitting his prime. would be a perfect fit and is a good size.

so does he want to move to Melbourne?


Easy decision. Losing which one farks Carlton more?


“as an interstate player there is always a pull to come home my family now live in Melbourne and I would love to spend more time with them”

Then went to the now cliche "I am comfortable with how things are going’’

Reckon he’s gettable.


Yes please and thank you.


Reckon we would have had a crack last year if he was avaible I’ll be shocked if we are not in the mix.


Port have him earmarked as their next skipper and he is held in very high regards there. He will be very hard to pry loose from there IMO


If we did could you imagine ■■■■ crying?


Nothing stops this man how many more jackets Dodoro


If he is OOC and wants to go back to Vic they can’t really do much besides jump up and down like Crows did with Lever and eventually get it done.


The question is how much salary cap space PORT have left after their summer spending spree.

They may have to lose a player over the next year or two as a consequence.


I’m convinced he’s ours.