Ollie Wines


Plenty from what I’ve been told, for this very reason.


I thought they were fine, as they have the 2016 Ryder/Monfries cap as spare to pay off a chunk, and Melbourne is paying for a chunk of Watt’s salary.


Plus they were apparenty one of quite a few clubs EFC included that were set up well by not writing standard increases into player contracts for the new CBA when the salary cap got lifted.

So it left a large amount to play with

We had to re-sign most of our stars before it came into play, we also had retirements and moving on of plenty of senior players.

We’d still have room not even factoring in Goddard and others going

And there is no way Port haven’t done things to ensure they left sufficient for Wines either


If he decides to leave, it ain’t going to be about money.


Yep he has already said his family is living in Melbourne now

In previous years moving to Melb not really relevant as family up in Vic country still


For a change I don’t want Fark Carlton to get the wooden spoon, would be good for North to finish below them as well as some interstate clubs.

Worst outcome would be for him to want to go home and Carlton to be able to hold the “walking to the pre-season draft” gun to Kochie’s testicles.

I’d much prefer Wines to hold the “I want to go to the EFC, so get it done” gun to Kochie’s testicles.


Let’s make them use everybody last cent then


As long as someone’s shooting Koch in the balls.


Evil or Swine


IMO if we have a pretty good year we will be a great destination choice pitch for him. Hoping we make an effort. Surely we will. There will be a bit of cap space leaving again at end of year and I’m fairly sure we paid fairly shrewdly last year for our onboards. Time will tell. If he has a ripper year look out cos this thread will go full Stringer


On paper, Wines looks like the final piece of the puzzle for our developing midfield.



X factor cameos

Waiting in the wings


He would be a perfect fit.

Just listening to episode 4 of the Crawf and Hirdy podcast. They were discussing the Essendon midfield and Crawf said that Essendon should have a massive crack at Wines, who’s out of contact at the end of the year.
Hird said it was good call - so it must be!

A side note - Hirdy was saying how much he still loves the Bombers and football. Made me smile.


yeah so is Wines gettable?

I’d trade any of our home sick SA players to get him.

And I would put him on big dollars. contested bull.

a bit of STFU the ball is mine on every line. (Hurley,Wines,Stringer,Hooker).


The narrative out of Port has been a matter of not if but when he re-signs. I get the impression he might only got for a 2-year deal, as by the end of that time he will be a Restricted Free Agent and have more freedom to decide on his future.


wont get wines


Commentators were talking of succession plan of him taking over as Captain from Boak after this year.


Who from SA do we have though?

Zerk and Fanta off the top of my head.

Zerk has potential but no currency yet!

Do we have anyone else?




Ah yes


that being said, for francis to be used in any form of a trade in which we still hav something int he draft for the next 2 years, we need him to play afl footy and play well for the 2nd half of the year.