Ollie Wines


Yep. Oh well. They will feel the pinch with the likes of Mots and co with money


Ollie Wines still weighing up his future according to SEN interview.
Door slightly ajar…


No, just playing all his cards at once


A couple of weeks ago he said they were dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on his contract.

Today it is that he hasn’t made a decision yet.

Sounds like he is squeezing Port for more coin or more years or both. Doubt he is considering going anywhere at this stage.


My mail is he has a 3 year deal on the table and is just dotting the i’s so to speak


Just hoping for the “Essendon Food and Wines Festival 2018” during trade week.
Don’t rain on my parade.


Remember Caddyfest?




Your mail a few weeks ago was he’d signed and they were waiting til after the China game to announce it to not take away focus from that. Obviously things aren’t as straightforward as they seem


The guy would be exactly what our midfield needs, we have great players around to support a beast like him with disposal and running capacity. IMHO he would excel in our midfield. I just can’t see port letting him go.

But ■■■■ I would love it if he did.


Yep, people very close to the club were of the belief it was done and dusted. Seems there has been some haggling in regards to the length of the contract. Can’t seem to find out if it is him or the club that are holding it up


There’s a lot of ‘i’'s in that contract you know.


Waiting for him to say he’s putting off contract talks until season’s end in order concentrate on his footy. :sunglasses:


It’s a very legal contract.


Sam Lane QC is still going over it


He won’t leave, but if he does, why would he pick us?


That’s your best line for why he wouldn’t come to us?

Smith came, BJ came, Saad came, Stringer came.

No reason why he wouldn’t.


Reading Bigfooty forum,apparently some guy rung kane cornes and said Essendon have offered an extra 100k per year more then port for 5 years.


Ollie wines to Essendon confirmed then


We played finals last year and were seen as an up and coming team. If we miss finals, we won’t seem as attractive to someone looking for success.