Ollie Wines


I don’t disagree with you. Sometimes you need to give up an area of strength to fill an area of need.

Having stated that my opinion of Orazio is extremely high. There are some players in the league you wouldn’t give up for anything. I wonder if you agree with that. If so, then I’ll be interested to see if Orazio’s performance throughout this year will have him push up into that bracket in your estimation.

The kid is a star. He may very well be the best non-tall player on our list.


Ollie Wines is a star and could potentially fill a need if our midfield doesn’t step up this year.

Fantasia has just been rewarded with elevation to our leadership group due to how he plays and trains.

You don’t trade players like that unless they want to go home. And from all reports he loves the club.


You don’t trade out the first small forward we’ve found in 1000 years.


If you have an ‘excess’ of a certain player type, you don’t trade out the best of them.

Orazio could potentially end up the best small forward in the club’s history. You don’t trade that out for anything less than a top 5 player in the game, and Wines - good as he is - isn’t in that category.


Factually incorrect. I think you mean the first good forward in 1000 years.


Look at is this way - would Port trade Wines for Fantasia (straight swap)?

No chance.


Pick #18.


If we packaged up Jackson Merrett, Shaun Mckernan and a third rounder, I reckon we could get it done.


I knew we should’ve held on to Ricky Dyson.


As it stands today, I’d be happy to package out 2 up and coming midfield guns, Laverde and Langford for Wines.


2 x first rounders. This years and next.

Get it done.

Would just about complete our list and core of under 25 years olds we are building.

Check out our centre square rotations:

Wines, Stringer, Zerrett
Heppell, Parish, McGrath
Langford, Smith, Zaka

With bursts of Walla, Fantasia.

Lid off!


First Rounder and send Francis home.




Pick #18 and some cardboard boxes to pack their ■■■■ up when they fold.


But I’ve got my heart set on Rory Sloane.


Farken tarps.




If a Victorian club comes with a million dollar contract would be hard to knock back.

Hope the club has a crack.


Pick 18??? I know it’s a joke, but a pick like that would get you one of his legs only. Get serious people.

He’s a really good player, in an area we are deficient in, and in the perfect age bracket. Find a way to get him that doesn’t involve losing any of Zerrett, Fanta, McGrath, Joe and maybe Smith/Stringer (depending on how they go this year) and I will be a very happy man.

And FYI, I was told at a coterie event late last year that we were extremely into him and have been working on it for about 18 months.


Where do you get one of these… pick 18s?