Ollie Wines


lol HM strikes again!


Trade up to pick 17.


The beauty of this is you just know how pissd Port would be if he nominated Essendon.

I can already see Kochie turning a shade of tomato red just at the thought of it.


True they shafted us with Ryder it’s only fair we return the favour.


That was 100% an alley-oop, and you did not disappoint!



Payback time!

What was it… pick 17 & 37 (Cooney) for Ryder?

Pick 15-18 & steak knives back their way should do.

Break their collective peahearts!


To be fair, you’d think every Melbourne club would be


We’ll throw in Francis for free if they are not still happy.

If he decides to leave and picks us I want us to shaft Port see how they like them apples.


Maybe (and to be clear, I have no inside info on this) Wines is the reason why we weren’t even interested in Rocky? Hmmm


I agree if some one like Wines was avaible last season the club would have chased him hard but that wasn’t the case.




Won’t happen.

When was the last time anyone decent wanted to come to us?


Essendon are extremely easy and accomodating to trade with


Must burn oposistion fans with the SSS’s picking us lols




Ah, most couldn’t care less for the moment. I couldn’t give a toss who Port picked up in the offseason, and they seemed to do similar to what we did.

Having stated that, win a few games, find ourselves towards the top of the ladder, then yes, it certainly will start to burn. Particularly if they end up raising the cup.


That’s true was more refering to Essendon cant get anyone and are hard to deal with.


When do we start discussing his jumper number?


Finding Nino waiting for a trade discussion to start:


This years first round pick, Langford, Francis and a garunteed Wines to go straight into #4. Wines and Stringer the new Bash Brothers FUARKKKKKKKKKKKK


It would be so sweet if he picks us and gives Port very little option.

Not only did they screw us with Ryder, they got a frickin’ war chest to recruit with by refusing to pay for Ryder and Monfries during their suspensions, despite the fact the knew the risk with Ryder.

I say our first draft pick (number 18) and Francis (given he wants to play for an Adelaide club), if Francis wants to come back or leave football, then obviously no and then it could be our second round pick (36 or more), more than fair I think.

If we have a successful 2018 with our only glaring weakness being lack of full time inside beasts and we offer enough money, we could be the most attractive club for him.

Only problem is he barracked for Fark Carlton as a kid.