Ollie Wines


Is Wines the sooky one with black hair and the bad chest tat? If so, do not want.




He’s legit.

Get him.

Who’s the one I’m thinking of. Plays predominant forward and not uncommon to take a dive. Bowl haircut.


Goddard barracked for fark Carlton too. Didn’t stop him choosing us and embracing our club.


I suppose he has had a while to get FC out of his system.


Carlton is still miles behind us in their list development to push up ladder.

I honestly can’t see a player leaving a club that should be in top4 position to go to a bottom 4 club who is still in for many more years pain.

Hence Smith & Saad chose us over Blues

Other players would have seen SSS all coming across, we are an attractive destination again for a multitude of reasons, so if he chose to leave Port we’d be in prime position.


Chad Whinegard you are thinking of


Afl phone app


We wouldn’t be able to trade fairly with Port. It would cost us too much.

He would be massive for us though, exactly what we need.


Also, with Patty Cripps they really don’t need another slightly less good, slightly more versatile Patty Cripps.


No he tampered the draft to ensure he stayed in Adelaide.


Welcome at Essendon any time, son.


Anybody know our cap situation? You’d think we’d have our hands tied after getting SSS. With only Goddard and Baguley the slimmest chances of retiring.


At one stage Blitz was convinced he’d never be a forward!


I don’t think its dire, but i wouldn’t say war chest for another star.

I doubt stringer actually cost us that much really. same with smith and saad.

Stringer was thrown out by the dogs.

Smith was almost a 2nd string for gws so would’ve been happy with a bit more coin and opportunity and saad wanted to come to melbourne so probably accepted a good offer closer to family.

so no break the bank contracts just decent sized ones. I reckon if we offload some players in the upcoming off season, trades/delistings/whatnot we can get a decent upgrade for a position but doubt we could make a play for wines, unless we do something drastic.

This is all my surmising maybe if someone ITK could chip in.


Would not getting Wines be as big as not getting Caddy?


I’d still be happy to plonk him on a wing for half the game


Doubt we need Wines if players come on as expected - And you want to stay in this draft because there is every chance you’ll get a similar player to Wines in the first round.


I agree. This wankfest over Wines is a complete waste of time


So, you’re saying…#16?