One eyed supporter

Hello everyone I just want day that I have followed Essendon as a supporter and member for more than 50years now. I watch every game religiously win or lose but am at a loss as to how we appear to be ordinary in one quarter then basically click in another, how it does it change so frequently. I am a loyal supporter and always will. My wife now’s questions why I keep paying for a membership saying it’s not worth it but I do believing it’s helping the club. I have watched the difference in play over the years and notice the way overuse of the handball seems to play a main part to not always great effect why do they now play to put teammates in danger more than to advantage. Is it new bigger bodied players we need, is it faster players we need, is it team orientated players we need, Wouldbe happy to see players moved on and replaced where needed instead of retained if of no value. Either way will always be a mem/supporter just hope I see a change for the better sooner than later.


All of the above. The main issue l see is: Where to begin?


this could probably be merged with a number of other threads, but if you want change, don’t buy a membership next year. stop giving them your money. its one of the forms of power you have

Yep stop giving the club money. No more memberships, no more merch.

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If we can have a one eyed supporter thread then I should start a …


Firstly, sorry to hear that you lost an eye.

Secondly, there are literally 50 threads discussing the same thing.