Onfield/offield issues

Woosha as coach aside does anyone have an insight into exactly what is going on at the club, I have been and always will be a 50+ year member and loyal supporter it saddens me to see direction the club is taking, no direct offence to anyone in particular , I just feel a little disheartend

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Hang in there mate. It will be interesting how the club handles list management over the next few weeks. It will tell us a lot if they are serious to get the club back up or more of the same. It will also show us who is really running the football department. I hope they are the right people.

Will be watching very carefully.

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A lot of people doubt the list but it’s in ok shape. Just needs a few changes and some new young talent which we should get a bit of this year. There’s also Harry Jones who is pretty highly rated that hasn’t played yet. It’s not a top 4 list but we should be playing finals.

The main issue in my opinion is the coaching. They need to go back to the drawing board. We’ve seen too many times this season that when the game is too far gone and they let the boys play full throttle that we look a lot better. Yesterday was a good example. We’re learning a system that is way too defensive and i don’t think it suits our list. Hopefully they aren’t too stubborn about changing it up.

Either way we’re heading into a period of change so at least that’s something. I do think this was one of the most disappointing years i can remember.


That thread is pretty feral right now. I think this poster wanted a real/calm discussion, not just a place for people to unload on the club.


how can a list be in good shape, that you allude to plays better when they get their own way ?
by default that shows they pick and choose to play when they get their own way.
how exactly is that a good thing ?

As i explained, i don’t think the game plan is matched to our players. It’s not an uncommon thing. I don’t think it’s about the players not getting their own way, i just think they’re more suited to attacking footy. Surely you’d agree with that? They look more dangerous playing that way.

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Saga fallout still

Get rid of all players and admin who were around and start fresh.

It’s what they know, yes i’ll agree with that (re more suited to attacking)
what has that style or brand every achieved for this group of players ?
let alone club ?

so the players want to play a brand that has never brought any form of success, and you think that puts the list in a good place because ?
because they “look” better while playing an attacking brand ?

Effort and intent, heart and passion don’t revolve around a game plan but belief, attitude and self arrogance can effect the way they play to it.

DP is correct on the one they picking and choosing and even having too much say rather than fall inline and do your job.

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Our Defensive system definitely is not working at the moment. The way our opposition walks the ball from the back pocket down field through the goal is a disgrace. Yesterday as well the way the demon defence passed the ball around was just horrible , with our players not whithin a bulls roar of their opponents.

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Dead duck coach. Never a good situation, the only surprise is it hung together nearly for half of the season.


Although if he climbs his way out of the hole by the end of next season we may have found a good one. Highly unlikely though.

It’s just not working. Once they threw the game plan out the window we almost won from being 6 goals down. It’s not the first time it’s happened.

Just seems that we are simply not unified as a club from what some people here have said.

I just think every decision we have made since the saga has been about trying to get back to the top asap.

I wonder,if we had of just gone to the draft for 16,17,18,19 and probably finished middle to bottom part of the ladder.

How would we be positioned today?
Of course,who knows.

But to me,the clubs priorities (perhaps with some justificaton) has been more about the perception of success to secure $$$ sponsors/membership.

Yet again,we fell into the trap of trying to fast track the way to success,as Woosha alluded to.

Perhaps Xavier Campbell’s insistence that we pay overs for Shiel,is the ultimate symbol of the clubs lack of unity,and desire to take short cuts.

Hence the lack of soul,lack of trust,lack of passion…
And now,lack of success…again!!!

If we continue to apply this philosophy and strategy,we will continue to languish in mediocrity.
Never at the bottom,never at the top.


The best thing for the club is he’s as good as I think he will be.
We sit in the bottom 4 for a couple of years, a few senior players lose faith/patience, get some great kids in, then go & find a proper coach.

Having a good coach of an ordinary list can be counterproductive in the long run.

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I 100% agree with you guys that the a lot of the list does pick and chose when to apply themselves. It’s frustrating. Something that can be coached out of them though. If not then just offload players. I still don’t think the coaches are playing everybody to their strengths.

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Spot on, Anabelle. Attitude is everything. Our problem is far more elementary than gameplan. To employ Rutten and Caracella with some misguided belief that our list is fine, we are in the premiership window and we just need a robust gameplan completely ignores the fact that in any team sport there are clear non negotiables. Committment, toughness both physically and mentally, TEAM (together everybody achieves more), tenacity, relentless attack on the ball and the player with it, never give in are just some of those. Rutten and Caracella didn’t bring those to Richmond Hardwick did. Sheedy did it when he came to our then “comfortable” club.

Too often this season our team have resembled witch’s hats.

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No I don’t agree with that. Its well and truly in the past.


The list is 6-10 I reckon but the depth is poor. This year has been very poor. Too many blowouts and non competitive too often.

A good forward line would fix so many problems. We are a bit unlucky in that a fit Joe and a fit Raz fixes that. Still not top 4 but very competitive. Backline and mids have deficiencies but are very capable. Too often ball movers would look upfield to no fwd structure whatsoever. Coaches are accountable as well but the fwd cupboard has been completely bare.