Onfield/offield issues

This is not a take many will like.

But being away from our elite facilities in Vic probably cost us finals this year.

If we had facilities like a poorer club in Vic we probably woukd never have made finals 2017 - 2019.

Having said that I don’t like the outgoing coach, the midfield recruiting, development or the gameplan.

Agree to disagree

Players I believe around or involved have special “ arrangements “ with the club on playing terms.

Senior players

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I think the midfield can be a strength. We have a potential ripper in Draper. Don’t underestimate Shiel/McG/Zerrett/Parish/Hepp learning to play with Drapes. They have never had delivery in their time at our club.

I believe that a strong tackling mid can help greatly. Doesn’t have to be a star just someone to give these guys some space.

All true.

The question is what to do next.

We’ve been crossing our fingers and hoping Joe/Raz will get fit for 3 years now, building around them.

Whether they stay or go, we need to recruit forwards to replace them.


Spot on and exactly what I thought once I read my post back.

We’ve been all in on JD and haven’t had him or Raz for basically 3 years. Additionally, if we did have him/them would we be good enough? I don’t think so, we’d be better for sure but still not top 4.

Got to come a time that we move from a/ hoping they get fit b/ hoping they perform.

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There was enough shown in 2017 to suggest a forwardline with a fit and firing joe,Raz, along with Walla and Stringer could do some damage.

the opportunity has passed now though.

I agree. Unfortunately without a decent trade in we are in for another season at least of kicking to Stewart/Stringer/Laverde etc. Won’t bother many good backlines.

Not true

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-Suits running the club as a business more than a football club.
-Saga staff and players still lingering around, most likely a real faction within the organisation.
-“Entitled” players still at club (see above)
-Morale at an all time low

Add this in with the other half of the club player/staff and it just won’t gel.
An organisation needs to be on the same page from top to bottom.
I’m fairly sure I saw a post in another thread where they defined “purposeful innovation”, check that out.
What they say and what they do are worlds apart.


Too many older players think they are untouchable. Hurley, hooker , zaka along with a few figjam types in sheil, smith, Joey doesn’t lead to a cohesive group. In all honesty a rocket needs to be sent to the players and the administration needs a cleanout. The football department is the same puts Harvey in for dodoro. Get Chaplin from Melbourne he is a very well spoken and articulate guy, plays he won’t take any crap I know this firsthand. Get solly back . Dismiss anyone who is soft and can’t tell it how it is. Current generation are too soft and always want a pay on the back. Make them bloody earn it

Not sure boot I’ve heard things but it could all be speculation.

Anyway the club is in a mess and needs a rebuild

I’m absolutely sure.

Get no argument from me.
And from what I understand, it’s probably a bit worse than people think. Ostrich is a massive problem.

I actually think a couple of figjams can be a positive. If they can translate that to onfield arrogance. We badly need players with more confidence.

There does seem to be something toxic at the club. Whether that be senior cliques or head honchos at the club… or both. Something is rotten at the club, and until it’s removed we are on the continuous road to nowhere

We did play some truely abysmal teams during that time.

You knew what was going to happen.

We played 14th, 15th & 18th in the 2nd half of the year.

There are figjams and figjams. If you are a figjam to your opponents on field, no problem. If you are a figjam to your team mates off field, not so good.


Our pc stinks. It stinks every year. The only decent season we had in the last 5 years the differential was only just over 100. Or whatever you call it.

We’re ■■■■. We’re ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■. And as much as I love hepp, pumping out that yah boo sucks to you lloydy & co is maddening. He could play a straight bat but to go on the attack just makes me think things are even more rotten in donmark than I thought.

There is a real tone deafness now. It’s like watching a daughter enter a cult and cut off all ties.

Maybe that explains Daniher.

I am looking forward to seeing what Ben Rutten does immediately. I trust he is smart enough to delist/trade those he doesn’t rate, find the assistants that he wants and tell the admin to fark off and let him do his stuff. Will not be easy, as everyone knows but if he sits back and is like the departing coach I feel he and the rest of us may be disappointed. Wait & see!!

I think that its like a corrupted computer, needs a good clean out and rebooted. Or like a dying tree cut out the dead wood and allow for new growth. You know you can lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink