Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?




According to the Hun, Lethlean has stood down as a Director of Champion Data ( private company 47% owned by the AFL). Champion Data beat Catapult as the AFL supplier, not well received by all.
Andrew Dillon is also a Director of CD. No conflict of interest there …


The AFL is inbred to the extreme.


[quote=“IceTemple, post:225, topic:10959, full:true”]

The AFL is inbred to the extreme.
[/quote]The mistress was his cousin?





At the AFL we are on the lookout for passionate talented people who help us achieve our purpose.
We draft people into the AFL that will thrive in a fun fast paced high performance culture and are aligned to our values of how we play.
The AFL offers a comprehensive high quality benefits package to meet a variety of needs.

Sometimes you get what you ask for Gil.


THE AFL is embroiled in a new scandal involving an “inappropriate relationship” between a married league executive and an AFLW Crows premiership player.


Presumably not Erin Phillips.

Not sure who wrote it, but apparently they’re more concerned about who blew the whistle, not that it happened.


What a horrid bunch of farkin losers this organisation is run by.


His wife or her boyfriend probably.


The biggest scandal being an AFLW player that is not gay?


I found an appropriate image for this thread:


If they’re both consenting adults, who gives a ■■■■.


The wife and kids, probably.


What an absolute crock of…


Only 23,000 there.


True. I was more refferring to the “inappropriate relationship” hyperboyle.


Goyder has an article in the Australian, to the effect that the AFL is not the morality police and backing Gill. Perhaps he is having a swipe at Liz for the way it was presented.
He hints that there was something deeper to the resignations, but nevertheless refers to the need to maintain AFL reputation.
As clear as mud.


Thanks, just read Goyder’s article. It is a mish mash of feel good nonsense while at the same time a threat to anyone who steps out of line. My overall take is McLachlan is feeling the heat and Goyder has been wheeled out to defend him. It’s interesting too that the author of the article is the Australian’s managing director and not our ‘good friend’ one P Smith