Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


This is all purpose spin and the alleged “spat” between Lukin and Wilson smells like part of it.

It has conveniently diverted attention away from what really happened and is attempting to focus the story on the sanctimonious one being bullied by Lukin.

She even claimed she did not say this - but that Lukin used bullying language - How could anything be clearer?

It is just another diversionary tactic by the usual suspects to divert anyone from asking what really caused the sackings?

And now that paragon of integrity is running football operations - What an ongoing farce.


Caroline is still reeling from the recent news that Iggy Pop and the witch from the Wizard of Oz are her actual biological parents.


Who cares what caused the sacking ? Sackings happen every day in all work environments - It’s only important for the individuals.


Just received a text saying that Gill is about to resign due to being naughty like the others were naughty.


#rompingwins or #humpingwins ?


No idea of the veracity of the info however I am hoping that it is true. Just to be rid of the…person…would be wonderful.


Definitely has been some whispers of it over here, who knows if there is any truth to it


Not only would be losing his AFL million dollar role but her families fortune as a result also if that relationship is done now. I hope she cleans him out for everything in the divorce.

Karma is a ■■■■■

Just need Demetriou in jail now over his corrupt Acquire Learning related shenanigans after that


I’ve dreamt of him living in a cardboard box under the Westgate bridge. I hope it comes to fruition.


■■■ are you my twin? (Except I suppose I tend to think of the more central location of across from Crown, your idea is better).


You are so nice. You called him a person. I would have said smarmy ■■■■.


You changed man…


There’s only one word I’d change in that sentence.


Would actually raise the spirits if this were to be true. Where else is it reported?


It’s been doing the rounds on twitter. No idea if true


Unfortunately I think it’s just a rumour, would be out in public by now I’d think if it was true




In theory

But we all know what a stranglehold the AFL has over the media


As Gil said, you lose your accreditation for running fake stories, but the Hun has been running a nudge nudge story on an unnamed AFL identity.


Who cares if Gill has been naughty. Let him work it out with his family. We would have few to run the country or businesses if we nail everyone to the cross for extra curricular activities