Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


So what. Private life is private life. I stress if we applied this morality test we would have few leaders in society. And this would also apply to some female leaders.


He messed with the lives, public and private, of people far better than him and his grubby ilk.

May he rot.


I’d agree, but they’ve already set the precedent this year with Lethlean etc.


You can continue to be childish. I don’t care what happens to Gil, but I support the concept of keeping private life separate to working life where applicable. And I am consistent in supporting a concept, no matter the personalities.


I agree with you but disagree when the person in question is responsible for the biggest invasion of someone’s personal life I have witnessed in the past 5 years.


If he’s rooting the sheila down the street, I’d agree, but if it’s a lady connected with the AFL, that’s a massive no-no.

It’s all about power, whether real or implied.



I’d add that the ‘we’d have no leaders if we scrapped people abusing their power’ is also out of date and an acceptance of breaches


People have always rooted work colleagues or associates from work. I doubt this particular case is about power and not all cases are about power.


You make out that every time two people get it on its always about power. Not every case is like Weinstein.And the Weinstein case is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until more males execs in the film industry are outed, and even female execs and God forgive the paedophile rings in Hollywood.


he can’t keep his position since he forced out 2 people for the same ■■■■. HYPOCRITICAL


It’s an acceptance of taking off breeches, isn’t it?


Here’s a nice little story…

Man #1 having ongoing affair with Woman #1 in Rivertown
Man #2 travels to Harbortown and having ongoing affair Woman #2
Everybody at work know about these two ongoing affairs.
Man #2 travels to Harbortown and regularly stays extra days and smashes work expense account for general entertainment, holidays and gifts for Woman #2
Work discover the fraudulent activities
Work don’t want to take legal action so they force Man #2 to resign
Work want to be seen as fair, force Man #1 to fall on his sword too.
Work release media statement


Nice story.

Now tell us about man #3.


Said the Bishop to the choir boys


The example I used is the objection I have - when power real or assumed is involved


Geez you can be an idiot.

He is the head of the AFL, the head of an organisation. He publicly came out and said cheating in the work place is unacceptable and basically fired two team members. If he is found to be doing the same thing what so you think should happen?

Get your head out of your ■■■■ and join in with the real world not the one you made up.


You live in a weird little world Yaco, if you think most of our Leaders are rooting around.

Most are conservative, boring but decent folk who rarely do anything at all that could be considered immoral.


That’s a wild combination.

And on the subject of The Wizard of Oz, I reckon it took me about 4x viewings before working out that the moll who confiscated Toto was also the Wicked Witch of the West.


Gil could be found to have done worse than the others and still end up with a cushy job tomorrow. The idea that any of these people will land on their face is a fantasy.


You fail upwards