Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Couldn’t your foot have slipped and hit the accelerator? Seems to happen a bit these days.


When I think of how much hate I got for not slashing his tyres…


o mg what?


Bruce Francis latest:


Fail to see the relevance of Bruce’s first paragraph. The rest is fine.


This McLaughlin thing… Plenty of smoke…


What’s he alluding to in the first paragraph?

Is there another AFL official involved in some scandal?


How is it a scandal if someone ( male or female ) has an additional sexual partner -Private life is private life.


Because the AFL continually pushes itself as the moral crusaders of everything in society, how many rounds of footy are related to things that sport should really have no involvement in.

Cheating on your wife by the head of the AFL with an employee / employee of a commercial partner is thus a scandal.

Especially when you’ve recently just had to sack / force resignation of others for doing same thing.

Optics. Brand protection. Etc etc


If you have used your position to gain sexual favours then it is in everyone’s interest for you to be exposed and sacked.

Also as others have continually told you, it is also about optics for a lot pf companies.


I hate Gil.
For obvious reasons.
This isn’t even about that.

Any time any person enters into a relationship with someone they can sack, because reasons, then they’re ■■■■■■.
And Gil can sack anyone.

It’s not friggin’ rocket science.
I’m surprised someone with such dizzying intellect can’t get that.


Concur absolutely. Maybe women are still subservient beings in yaco’s sphere of influence. But if you have any power over another person’s life through employment, you don’t boof them, except in obvious circumstances.


Another version of events:

Man #2 constantly belittles woman #2 publicly in a really average way
Work doesn’t want to go the performance mgmt route
Work raises the issue of the extra marital affair in an exec meeting expecting one party to come forward
Two parties come forward
Someone leaks to CW
Outrage ensues
Both parties have to be dismissed. Whoops!
Work cracks the shiz about the leaks :smiley: - shoe on the other foot eh?
Work tries to arrange new role for Man #1 but persistent outrage makes it difficult
New role is at a place that rhymes with Truck Charleston. They have to setup a committee to do ‘due diligence’ while the outrage dies down
Work boss also has skeletons in own closet, organization is rudderless while work boss publicly ■■■■■ his pants



o “The AFL dropped the ball by not monitoring the Essendon supplement program after advising coach James Hird to steer clear of using peptides in August 2011”

o “The fact potentially though that we weren’t out there regularly monitoring is potentially a failing of the AFL.”

o “I don’t think that we can shirk it in every instance, I’m happy to take that on the chin in the sense that if we had gone out there every month and monitored it, then maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

o “People need to take various forms of accountability and I’ll take that.”



You are speculating. We have no idea of the women’s identity and what the relationship is to McLachlan.

And you imply that women have no freedom to choose their own sexual partners. Its a condescending attitude towards women.


It’s a mess of his own making. He is an insidious character who has made a career of ‘deal making’. It looks like his plot to get rid of Simkiss has come back to bite him in the ■■■■.


You don’t understand human nature very well do you? Been paying attention to the Weintein story, or the Spacey story? Sometimes people feel pressured into something they don’t really want to do.

I had an ex-girlfriend who was sexually abused by both her father and her followup step father. She didn’t want to do it but they made her because they were in positions of authority. But I suppose it was her choice to get involved according to you, she chose her sexual partners. I shouldn’t be so condescending to think people might be pressured into something they don’t agree with. Silly me.

Oh and i can tell you stories of work place situations too if that helps you understand something more than your own nose.


Nah - You dont understand - You pigeon hole any sexual relationship between consenting adults as an act of power, when this is, manifestly not the case - We have no idea about the mechanics of the alleged McLachlan tryst, but you continue to speculate with certainty the nature of the relationship - It’s like, I’m reading New Idea - Finally the tone of your arguments is insulting to both sexes because you imply every kind of sexual relationship is power based and no-one is free to make their own choices.


Have times changed for the better, with all the moralising and political correctness on display.

Two consenting Adults who work together having an affair should be no-ones business but theirs. If Gil is rooting an executive from a major sponsor (as is the rumour) then why should we care at all.

No doubt some in positions of power, use this power to coerce sex, and they should be outed and dealt with. I have also seen underlings use their sexual powers to get the Boss do them huge favours.

Maybe you just should let nature run its course, and mind our own business.