Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Here’s a hypothetical scenario: person A (customer) directly negotiates large deal with person B (supplier), whilst also seeing each other.
All good until person B’s employer gets sold, and new owners read the fine print of said deal, and realise how bad a deal it is, and put themselves into voluntary administration a week later. Person A’s employer is a national operation, and left without supply of these products for some weeks if not months - and warranty, servicing, support etc on capital equipment is totally down the ■■■■■■■.

Totally hypothetical situation.
Nothing to see here, all above board.


So if an AFL player takes a p*ss in a public car park, it’s front page news.

But the CEO of the AFL having an affair with someone employed/contracted by the AFL, is his private buissness and should be left alone.

Seems logical.




never go full yaco


Bacchus summed it up perfectly - There is too much ’ New Idea ’ in this thread.


Due diligence




When CEOs of BIG organisations meet for scheduled BIG sex do they foreplay with BIG data analysis and talk dirty BIG bottom lines?


I’m still confused


Couldn’t give a ■■■■ on the details. Just want that polo-playing, skivvy-wearing farkwit escorted out in a cesspit of scandal.


An interesting thing about fidelity is that it is often assumed by both parties without much discussion. Infidelity, is much easier now and with the internet, all the ground rules have completely changed. There are so many more ways of being “unfaithful” which involve desire but not necessarily the sexual act, without even leaving home by doing it on-line. Being unfaithful is NOT always about wanting to leave the primary relationship as it is about playing and having fun.

It can also be about feeling trapped and bored with the ritualised, habitual, sameness and routine and; often feeling burdened by financial pressures, roles and responsibility. Put kids into that equation and the expectations go up the Richter scale.

Let’s not kid ourselves all relationships go through up and down periods but what it really comes down to how strong and deep the relationship was in the beginning. Relationships can be re-revived and re-connected but it requires open and honest communication, regular servicing and maintenance by both parties. Some transitions which occur in relationships, often happen out of our consciousness awareness, without self awareness we can find ourselves caught up in the closeness of another person purely because of proximity outside of a primarily relationship but juxtaposed in time and space. Couples need to discuss monogamy rather than expect it.


Regular servicing is very important.


Watch FC get kissed on the ■■■■ once Lethlean gets the CEO gig

4 x Friday night games for the team that finished 16th is only the start


But do you actually know anything about infidelity ?


Yes I do, learned about it the hard way, not from reading new age books and going to seminars. I grew up telling myself I would never do this and that, watching my parents and brother’s marriages traverse the rocky road. Talking the talk out of being in reaction to my parents and others in my family, didn’t stop me from making several of the same disastrous mistakes and hurting people I cared about and hurting myself.

I was a late bloomer eventually I did learn some things about myself and being in relationship.


I would argue that infidelity is much more difficult now as communication links are so strong. There is little excuse for example about not being able to contact a partner, when back years ago, you could go missing without any worries.

That said, I reckon infidelity is not a planned exercise in most cases and happens spontaneously. Some of us are weaker than others.


I’m not sure that the desire to do it is a weakness so much as the inability to be honest about it


The inability to be honest comes after the infidelity.


What I mean is that I think people generally recognise when they’re not satisfied in a relationship and in those cases they may well entertain the idea long before the act. It’s not always so spontaneous and may even involve some sort of predetermined strategy or plan to avoid getting caught.


Also, some of us are less attractive than others, so infidelity may not even be an option…