Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Not yet. He ■■■■■■ well should be.


Moments like this, l am glad l am back in China, where tweets are blocked. Not that l have a twitter account anyway. so l am spared from following anyone.


Demetriou is looking at Kennett the same way i look at a cheesburger.


Or…the way Demetriou looks at a cheeseburger too

I’m not sure where that chin starts and where it ends


I’m out of loop a bit over here but still heard a whisper that Gil is off to the Crown casino.
Not too suss at all


Never heard of this website but anyway

  • Rumoured Gil to leave to take up role at Crown
  • Brendan Gale possibly to take over CEO of AFL


Ask the AFLPA what they think of his integrity, they didn’t get much use out of the MBA they paid for.


I liked the comment

Gill Weinstein, haha


Curious that Gale is being so widely floated as the successor. You can take the man out of the Tigers but you can’t take the Tigers out of the man.


Just like square dancing one, two, change partners.


You can see a chin?


I can see it…


X on radio this morning confirming that we are considering Lethlean for our head of football position.





Uhhh shouldn’t we do a background check first?


Due Diligence.


I feel like this isn’t good governance


What if Lethlean signs a consent form? Wouldn’t that do it?


Jesus fkg Christ.

If this happens, I’m fair dinkum going to start collecting signatures for an EGM purely for the purpose of having a no-confidence vote in Lethlean.

Has this club learned nothing?


Take note @Catherine_Lio @Paul_Cousins @SimonDavies32 - I am deadly serious about this. Firstly, EFC is not a convenient vehicle for Gil to rehabilitate his mates after he unwillingly sacks them when their sex scandals become too public. Second, nobody involved in the AFL between 2013 and now should even be allowed through the doors of the club, unless in the form of a trophy head to be hung above the mantelpiece or a decorative throw-rug of human skin…


Chris Heffernan is our man. Just f*cking sign him already.