Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?



I would hope the board says no to this.


Watch our female staff section resign in droves


For a club trying trying to rebuild its brand this would completely fly in the face of that.

Membership take up from women drop off likely etc

Surely won’t happen


I don’t think he’s ever been head of the football department and don’t know if his skill set would be good for that role.

He’s welcome to apply for the role and enter the interview process. Hopefully there are better applicants available.



Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell has admitted the club is open to speaking to axed former AFL football operations manager Simon Lethlean about the Bombers’ vacant head of football role.

It was reported in the Herald Sun this morning that Lethlean’s “best option” to return to the industry could be via a football department position. Last month, Rob Kerr departed the club as footy boss, and the Dons haven’t ruled out discussing the role with Lethlean.

"You’d be open to chatting to Simon,” Campbell told SEN Breakfast.

“No [we haven’t spoken to him yet.] He is someone who will be on the radar for sure. He is a pretty talented football person.

"He has got pretty significant football experience.”

However, Campbell stressed the decision making process has only just began, and the club won’t rush into a choice.

"We are literally just starting the formal piece of the process now,” he said.

"I would like to think that’ll ramp up over the next couple of weeks leading into Christmas and hopefully it gets us to a point where we can feel comfortable to make a decision just before Christmas.

“We want to get a really good person to come in and run our football program.

“It is a really important part of your business and we think we are in a really exciting stage of our football program over the next few years.

“We have only just started the process, so we aren’t in a major rush to get it moving.

“We have got a really good foundation and John Worsfold is a really experienced football person and well supported by Matt O’Hanlon and Ash Brown.

“We’d hope to, by Christmas, look to add a really talented person to add value to our football program.”

Lethlean is still a candidate to become Collingwood’s CEO, as the Magpies have yet to announce a replacement for Gary Pert.

It was reported Lethlean was a favourite for the Carlton CEO job after Steven Trigg’s shock departure, but Cain Liddle filled that vacancy.

Lethlean was forced to resign from his position at the AFL earlier this year after it was revealed he had an affair with a younger female staff member.


Idea: This idiot gets a job outside the football industry. Why can’t these people just go away?


No no no. Don’t you know if you’re a football administrator you can only administer football related things forever? No other form of administration job is possible. There has to be a Sherrin involved somewhere or it just doesn’t work


Sadly the football industry is full of disgusting people
It’s an onion, the more layers, the more it stinks




Okay so its not like we actively targeting Lethlean.

A question was posed to X on SEN, and he gave a diplomatic answer, and kept Gil onside.

When in reality there is no way we’d genuinely consider him regardless of allowing him through interview process.


I think it went way further than a simple diplomatic answer


meh, is he good at his job? if so, hire.


The Stringer Approach


Give Hird the role.






Mate - you need to change your veggie supplier…


The moral horse is high today.


Why does this bloke need to come back to football? These AFL fatcats should stay the f*ck away, especially from our club.

There is so many jobs these buissness manager types could get, why do we have to keep them in football? Especially proven sh*t blokes.


Oh please no, just no