Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Lucky horse


Most industries, if your CV is one page with “good football person” you won’t get far.


No. No member of the AFL executive of 2013-2016 should be entitled to a cent of Essendon membership money.

It has nothing to do with morals.

It has everything to do with ethics.


“Best mates with the big boss” quite often does though…


Luke Ball in the running for the vacant HOF position.


I reckon he’d be excellent.


how on earth?


I know. If you’ve heard him on radio for 4 minutes, it is evident he’s not up to any sort of position.


Yep. So let them loose on the real world and into the gutter


What about as a football administrator?


Interesting comment given your view’s on Wellman.

Personally I think both would be great additions for the club. Lethlan left the AFL due to his ‘off field’ exploits. He was a rising star/gun at the AFL so if we could get him in to perform a role why wouldn’t we? Because he’s mate with Gill? Doesn’t make sense to me.


I was talking about Luke Ball… at least I thought I was. Definitely a no to the other guy.


Might have got my wires crossed!


It’s been that kinda day :slight_smile:


Am I the only one not fussed with hiring him if he’s highly rated and good at his job?


This great post needs to be read again.

Plus we do not need the fish rejected by both our most despised adversaries - the AFL executive and FCFC.


You nailed it - Of course, Lethlean is free to apply but I doubt his suitability - This is someone who’s been applying for CEO positions which is a world of difference from Footy Operation’s Manager - Some would even argue to apply for this position is a backwards movement.


Also applied for the Blooos and got knocked back. It he isn’t good enough for them, l doubt that he will be good enough for us. Applying for the Pies possie, he sounds a better fit for them.


Yeah, seems light on experience for mine.


Different positions. Their openings were CEO roles while our job is the Head of Footy Ops.