Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Speaking of Stringer, it’s funny how he was booted from the Bulldogs when they have other players who consistently make fools of themselves in public…


I’d consider interviewing Lethlan, depending on how bitter and twisted he was. If he had a serious axe to grind I would interview him for info for months, then make him hand over evidence and then not give him the job.


We know she’s compromised, and that there is some really twisted shizen that comes out of that head. But seriously that article was weird. She seems to buy into the AFL mentality that those that work in head office are better, smarter and more worthy to work in the AFL system than the underlings that work at the clubs. Obviously they see head office employment as some kind of advanced evolutionary step, rather than the reality that the AFL is a boyz club consisting of a conga line of wankers holding each others dongas with Liz and Caro in short skirts cheerleading them on from their dens.


What were Lethlean’s football credentials before getting the gig at AFL House? I always assumed that being a mate of the head honchos through sipping chardonnays at Elsternwick Park after a big VAFA game was the main criterion.

  1. Being mates with Gil
  2. Being a good bloke
  3. Uhhhhh

  1. Xavier boy

GM Footy Manager shortlist - shortlist no more.... Ex-Tiger appointed

Note: I actually don’t know that he’s a Xavier boy. I am merely assuming based on:

  • works for the AFL
  • mates with Gil
  • is colossal douchebag

SOMETIMES the most intriguing line-ups at football games take place off the field. Or, in the case of the A-Grade amateurs, on the grassy rise at Elsternwick Park.


That’s how it was six days ago at the Victorian Amateur Football Association’s Premier division grand final between Collegians and Old Xaverians. Among the spectators stood the AFL’s second most powerful executive and the man favoured to replace Andrew Demetriou, Gillon McLachlan. Beside him stood another member of the AFL executive and a rising star at the game’s headquarters, Simon Lethlean.


Although not a Xavier College old boy, Lethlean - who was educated at Camberwell Grammar - played in five premierships for Old Xaverians. While Lethlean has been promoted on his merits at the AFL, there is no doubt his Old Xav connections originally opened the door.

GM Footy Manager shortlist - shortlist no more.... Ex-Tiger appointed

Hahaha. I told you.


Nothing but net.


A micro of the Illuminati.


As an actual old xav I can confirm that there are plenty of colossal douchebags who went there. Fortunately it is a pretty big school and by and large the douchebags were outnumbered.

GM Footy Manager shortlist - shortlist no more.... Ex-Tiger appointed

Ivan, do you have an ashby or a hird haircut?




I don’t think he has much of a case…


Haha, I farking hate having my hair cut. I get a number 4 about every 6 months or so. Right now im well over due. Make of that what you will.


So, how did it feel to be outnumbered? :grinning:


And yet it’s always the douchebags who rise to positions of power…


Left the stumps exposed there didn’t I.


Hard to argue that