Open Letter from Google / Youtube. Lib Regs trying to give Newscorpse Another Unfair advantage

I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned here yet, . and was nearly going to post in the Oz Politics thread, … but this seems worthy of it’s own, as it’s a Major Issue with Scummo handing another backhanded Billion to Unca Rupe for his help in winning the last election,… or so it would seem.

I mean WTF??? Are we just so worn out over this and apathetic now, that this will just be walked through without a peep??
Freedom of the Press?? Fair Go as the Aussie foundation base plate?? Lol says the Libs, cop this.

Can’t believe it.

Open letter to Australians

We need to let you know about new Government regulation that will hurt how Australians use Google Search and YouTube.

A proposed law, the News Media Bargaining Code, would force us to provide you with a dramatically worse Google Search and YouTube, could lead to your data being handed over to big news businesses, and would put the free services you use at risk in Australia.

The way Aussies search every day on Google is at risk from new regulation

You’ve always relied on Google Search and YouTube to show you what’s most relevant and helpful to you . We could no longer guarantee that under this law. The law would force us to give an unfair advantage to one group of businesses - news media businesses - over everyone else who has a website, YouTube channel or small business. News media businesses alone would be given information that would help them artificially inflate their ranking over everyone else, even when someone else provides a better result. We’ve always treated all website owners fairly when it comes to information we share about ranking. The proposed changes are not fair and they mean that Google Search results and YouTube will be worse for you.

Your Search data may be at risk

You trust us with your data and our job is to keep it safe. Under this law, Google has to tell news media businesses “how they can gain access” to data about your use of our products. There’s no way of knowing if any data handed over would be protected, or how it might be used by news media businesses.

Hurting the free services you use

We deeply believe in the importance of news to society. We partner closely with Australian news media businesses — we already pay them millions of dollars and send them billions of free clicks every year. We’ve offered to pay more to license content. But rather than encouraging these types of partnerships, the law is set up to give big media companies special treatment and to encourage them to make enormous and unreasonable demands that would put our free services at risk.

This law wouldn’t just impact the way Google and YouTube work with news media businesses — it would impact all of our Australian users, so we wanted to let you know. We’re going to do everything we possibly can to get this proposal changed so we can protect how Search and YouTube work for you in Australia and continue to build constructive partnerships with news media businesses — not choose one over the other.

You’ll hear more from us in the coming days — stay tuned.

Thank you,
Mel Silva, Managing Director, on behalf of Google Australia


It’s exactly what you think, surefire way to get the propaganda machine to the top of search results

As usual all the freedom ■■■■■■■ are out there saying nothing.

Get a good VPN people.


The text by Google (hardly small business) was surprisingly awful. It didn’t explain its case well at all. You had to follow the links out of it to find a proper explanation… from the MSM.


The final refuge of a dying industry - crying out for government regulation to save them.

Not a fan of Google as a business, but fk Australian mass media with an old rake so get around Google I suppose.

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Nah screw them and screw the rest of them, they make billions and if they do start “charging” well, someone else will come in and people will switch to that.


I fully support any and all attacks on News Corps bottom line, regardless of the source of the attacks.


In fact, it’s the grotesquely rich and powerful Alphabet (Google) Corporation trying to convince you that it shouldn’t have to pay for the news it steals from, yes, News Ltd, but also all other news organisations — New York Times, le Monde, all of them. Don’t believe the propaganda. They steal your private information, they steal news, they steal everything and they sell it. Google is not there to help you. It’s there to exploit you.


But they said it was to improve my experience!

Well they would, wouldn’t they.

Just forget that it’s News corp for a minute and imagine it’s another small news agency struggling to pay its workers. I actually agree with the government on this one, but as usual how it is actually implemented though, and how they decide the charges…
BTW: Facebook are way worse at this than Google, they will owe millions more.

If Google, Facebook and apple paid taxes appropriately in country then I don’t think the government would care. I would rather the Gov actually close the tax loopholes for these corporations rather than just make them pay like this.


“Your search data may be at risk” from a company that makes insane amounts of cash of adverts based on your clicks. Hahaha. Righto.


It’s good to see a little battler like Google standing up to the “man.”

Fair bit of mayo on that statement from Google.


There is, but Media Watch this week did a story on it this week

and just blipped past this Vid below in acknowledging the genuine fears of Independent & /or smaller news players.

Tracked it down and it does raise some serious questions.

Seems there’s some very real NEWSCORPSE et al skullduggery afoot. (Soooo un Murfuch like, … amirite?)

They already earn money from having their content on these platforms & garnering clicks.

I hope both FakeBook and UToob tell them No worries, fk off then, we simply won’t include any content from your org’s in our Searches or on our platforms anymore, again, fk off, & seeya.

Would do the whole World a favour if Murfuch generated shyte was never again seen on either, so I’d be very happy if they did.


^Yes, except that they would use ABC news instead Then Murdoch and the MSM would complain the ABC has an unfair advantage, so the Libs would make even more yet further drastic cuts in the ABC budget.

Taking it out on the innocent bystander.


Found this too. It includes a very sobering summary of the concerns from the all too aware of Murfuchs power, K Rudd.

If you can’t stand that bloke, (some can’t) here is Rudds piece shown in there.

Get fk’d, Google. If you profit from the content then farking shell out for it.


It’s a giant douche vs turd sandwich battle.


fk that would be funny

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I have some sympathies with genuine news organisations. Print media is almost dead, in all but the capital cities and in those capital cities advertising revenue has dropped (,,, I have never paid for looking at the news, for instance ABC news is free, I can read CNN, MSNBC etc
However a proper news gathering organisation has to employ journalists to investigate and write news stories.
How do they pay for it ? What is the revenue model they use to survive?
Or does “news” just morph into fakenews/opinion ? In that case what do we believe?

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