Open letter to the EFC

Bare with me

I have been coming to Perth games here on a regular basis for around 18 years. I’m sure there are supporters here who have been coming for a lot longer, but nevertheless. I’m angry. I actually cannot describe the anger in me right now. This has absolutely got a hold of me, to the point where I have completely turned into someone I hate to be. Full of anger. How does a sport do this to me? Maybe that says more about me, or maybe if the Essendon Football Club and it’s players gave half a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ about interstate games, I wouldn’t feel like this. I Dunno. Maybe a bit of both. You guys who go to regular games can probably cop losses. But when you sit on the train copping the same comments, the same looks, the same ■■■■■■■ supporters of a team who are a complete joke apart from when they play your club, it absolutely gets to you

Fremantle tonight, had a far, far weaker side than us on paper yet managed to beat us. Why? Yep, I’d maybe look past this if it was a once off, or even happened in consecutive years


Why is it, that we step foot at Perth airport, that the Essendon Football Club basically concede defeat. Is it just a culture issue that we think coming over here is a paid holiday and worry about the following week? Do our players and culture expect a win and don’t work hard? I have no idea. I’d rather beat my ■■■■■■■ head into a brick wall than figure out why this club doesn’t take interstate trips to Perth seriously.

I’m at my absolute wits end. I have so much anger right now at this club for another absolutely pathetic effort in WA. When will it change? WHEN? I’m seriously at the fkn point where I’m not going to bother going here anymore. Why should I spend my hard earned money on a side, and their culture does not take winning in Western Australia seriously? Why! Every fucken year I think it’ll be different and every year it is the same! I dunno what’s more pathetic, me ranting this, or Essendon in WA

The worst part is we will thump the dogs. Bookmark it. But it’ll prove nothing. I put my Fucken house on we will lose our next game here. The next time we win a flag, I guarantee we will still lose over here. We do not take games here seriously

By the way joe, quit drinking your own bath water and playing for free kicks. Your currently a complete embarrassment

I love this club, but I’m not turning up in WA anymore. That’s a promise. FK you Essendon, you finally broke me here. You might think this is “oh yeah wob, what. Fkn idiot, shut up”

And your probably right. But I challenge you to be a WA supporter and keep your sanity year after year

Yours truly, WOB


As ever, love your passion WOB. Can’t relate to what it must be like witnessing that first-hand year in year out, it’s soul destroying enough listening to those pissant supporters get their freeeooooo chant going through the TV as Walters or Hill strolls from 60 to 45m and dobs it on the run.

More than anything, agree wholeheartedly with the Joe comments. No doubt he will extract the digit at some point but sooner rather than later thanks.

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Absolute quality rant!!

Every year when we turn out and dish up the same type of performances over there I firstly get p.issed off and then my second reaction is I think of all the WA bombers like yourself who are super passionate but don’t get much back in return. Things must change.

What I would say though is in regards to the comment that they had a ‘far, far weaker side than us on paper.’

This is where I think some of our issues as supporters are in that we overrate our players (in general and especially after a win) and we often underrate and are dismissive of our opposition teams. Look at our mess of a backline for starters!

And for instance Fyfe, Neale, Walters and the two Hill brothers are a formidable midfield group but coming into the game it was ‘nah Fremantle are farking trash’

You say the name Connor Blakely to half the people in here and they would be ‘farking who?’ yet he’s a guy taken in the same draft as Kyle Langford who has been really good for them and yet Kyle played a semi competent game as a midfielder last week and everyone is on a horn heralding him in as our Pendlebury/Fyfe like mid.

Anyway, sorry you feel let down WOB. The wheel will turn eventually one would hope!


Note to self: WA is not a good holiday destination to enjoy a weekend following your team interstate.

Or Adelaide

Or Sydney

Where else but Queensland? Here I come!

Its because we’re sh-t, and have been for 15 years straight.

Big steaming piece of fkn SH-T.


We’ve got players who spend more time on social media than they do taking interstate trips seriously. The club should ban social media on away trips. Teach them a lesson.


WA Essendon supporters must really love the club. You poor bastards keep getting served up dogshit games to watch over there.


Might jag a game against Gold Coast and Brisbane. Might. That’s about how good we are on the road.

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I recently moved to WA. So, I had to start answering the question all WA Bomber fans ask when Essendon plays over here:

Should I stay home and slam my ■■■■ in a fridge door or go to the game?

The correct answer is “fridge door”… every time… no exceptions. It’s cheaper, it doesn’t hurt as much, and you recover quicker.


Assuming we play these teams away as I havent checked thr fixture. No chance against Gc - they have been reinvigorated by “new coach” syndrome. Even brisbane is a stretch as Hipwood = Taberner when he plays against us. spparently he has stunk it up from reading other forums

Spot on WOB, send it to the club without the swearing.

People were bagging Carlisle Friday night, but he’s right. For 15 years we have failed to get any sort of consistency into a group of players. We are plain crap and it’s simply not good enough.

We are mentally weak, there is no two ways about it.


Difficult to disagree with you WOB. I mentioned in the pre game discussion that our WA fans deserve better than they get each year. It’s a mental fragility this club has not just in WA but any interstate match. I think I read a stat before where we have only won 3 of our last 19 insterstate matches. Damning stat for a team looking to win a flag in the next few years. I’m bitterly disappointed with what was served up last night. The result in isolation doesn’t look that bad, a 16 point loss, but truth is, I never thought we were a realistic chance to win that game at any point in the second half. Matt Fkg Taberner for fks sake! He’s the new Kent Kingsley. Very, very disappointing.


I have stopped going to games here (Perth) now. It is just the same crap over and over again.

The last time we had a decent win here was 2003 I think - the final against freo. Thankfully I was there for that.

You’ll be there, and you will like it :clown_face:


Just being Devil’s Advocate but the two wins in 2013 in Perth probably go down as some of the best in Essendon’s entire history.

But it’s not good enough, it’s not like people attend for free, its $$$ commitment as well. Also I feel for kids in WA who follow the Bombers and have to put up with it at school on Monday.

Lucky it’s school holidays!


If Geelong were paying $1.50 against Freo in WA they win that game 99 times out of 100. We are a pissant club

Essendon play well in QLD just because there aren’t any good wine growing regions there

SA - Barossa Valley
WA - Margaret River
NSW - Hunter Valley

4 points down the toilet every time for the pissheads

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I feel for you brother.

Its like groundhog day.

Normally the game is over by 10 minutes into the second quarter.

When Hirdy and Sheedy retired.

haha sydney should have been good.

i still think of that alternative universe where we didnt choke ourselves silly losing from an unlosable position in Sydney last year. (and no not the final).

the pubs of Sydney would have been alive with red and black.


woosha has a plan. lucky the club signed him up last week. such a fickle lot.i