Open Training Session This Friday July 12

I’m planning to head to the Open Training Session this Friday. Taking the nephew along as they are having a signing session as well.

I’ve only been there when it’s quiet so have had no trouble parking but as it’s holidays I assume there will be a decent number of people there.

Just wondering if any of the more seasoned campaigners to these types of events could give any hints regarding parking in the area thanks.

I doubt you’ll have problems with parking.

But, there is a sports ground opposite the the driveway into the Hanger. You can park there if need be.

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you should be able to just go into the clubs driveway. there should be plenty of parking. if not, theres plenty of side streets outside the club that will have free spots

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We were spoilt for training reports over the summer.

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Alas, that reporting fervour seems to have died in line with the teams lacklustre performance from Round 1 ( or even earlier)

Maybe it’s for the best as they keep them special, and they tell you it’s summer.

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