Operation Human Shiel


Mate you can only tag one.
Zerrett or Shiel???
Zerrett proved he found a way to fight through the tag he struggled with in the 1st half of the year,and again dominated once overcome.

Zerrett and Shiel - 2 A grade mids we havent had for years. Smith right at their heels and a pressure machine.
Langford,Myers,Hepps, and Stringer pinch hitting as bigger bodies.
McGrath and Parish,with the occasional sprinkle of Tippa and Raz.

Cracking midfield.


Carlton trying to out muscle us for Dylan


Carlton thinking they have won the race for Shiel



Hawks Trying to out muscle us for Dylan.


Shiel is a runner.

He was also a good clearance player when played more inside.

He has been more outside at times but he can deliver the ball well by hand and foot so anytime it goes to him is good also.

What we got that we really lack is the carry from congestion



Hurley getting the news Shiel is coming to bombers next year.


We should be seeking a bunch of third round assets in exchange for Shiel, our first rounder and next year’s second.

GWS will have access to them but will probably not use them. In this draft it would be pretty good to have a few cracks between 30 and 50


I hear they still have that hussy #48 in storage from 2013.


Love the gifs. Keep 'em coming. I want that gif the guy on bigfooty posted on Dodoro’s on a WWE Guy


In: Shiel, P13
Out: P9, P32, 2019 first


I can understand carlton supporters anger, Murphy had told them in he had the situation well in hand


Really? His 2017 season was very good and that would make me rate him our second best mid.


I’d probably do that in a heartbeat. We’re effectively backing ourselves to have a worse pick than #13 next year, while being able to use #13 on a player who might impact next year. With a pinch of luck you’d be able to get Ian Hill, who would add to our running stocks.


there was talk it was a line ball decision,when it comes to a contest there can only be one winner


Shiel will be All Australian next year.

You can bank on it.


Anyone thinking that Zaharakis is better than Dylan ■■■■■■■ Shiel is on crack.


your bank account or David Schwarz bank account?




The ox’s would be a lot healthier than mine.

I picked Smith for our b&f this year because I thought what he brought to the table was different to what we had. For a similar reason I think Shiel is going to slot in very nicely and show everyone what he can do when given responsibility of being the man.

I think this will be a very good acquisition.

Edit: I am only now understanding your Ox comment😊

Hope I don’t put my foot in my mouth like he did.